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Friday, May 08, 2009

Smart boy

Driving home I was doing a little self-esteem reinforcement with my 8 year old son. "You sure are fantastic. You're great with people, handsome, great personality, getting stronger..."

"Becoming Superman," he interrupts. "I'm practically perfect!"

"Yup. You're smart too," I continue.

"I'm so smart I even have to correct the teacher!"

"Really? How's that," I ask hoping he hasn't done something really rude.

"Well, she gives us problems, like say, Billy has $3.50 and he loans Tom $1. How much does Billy have now? and everyone else says $2.50, but I said, 'No, it's $3.60 cause it's a loan. If you get a loan you have to pay it back plus a dime for every dollar.' Geesh, it was like they didn't know what a loan was! The teacher said I was right too."

He was sitting so tall and proud as I glanced back in the mirror. "That's right. Very clever of you to remember that."

"I know," he responds very matter-of-fact.

After sending him to bed, I shared this with his dad. We laughed with amusement and pride. Dang smart kids.