Growing, Not Dying

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inspiration Upon Waking

I awoke and began writing, and continued to write without stopping or editing.

Apologies for the type size. I have tried many times to adjust it and it just seems to want to be over sized.

She swoons, she sways,
Love with all your soul
He shoots, he scores
Follow the champions
A star so bright
Follow your dreams
Live your dreams

Only You
Song of the heart
Find your joy
One world in space
And God in heaven
One life to live
Only you

Believe in LOVE
Believe in Fairies
Believe in DANCE
Believe in Joy
Believe in LIFE
Believe in death
Believe in forever
Believe in YOU

Sing to my soul the song of forever
Show me your joy, oh Heavens above
Love of a lifetime pales in compare
Only forever is the worth of my soul
Finding companion to build and create
So hard to track you this mind of clean slate
Seek me also my dear companion
Together perhaps we will sing our sweet song
Bring forth tomorrow where our children belong

Heavens above-
Heavens below
How shall it come
This planet we grow

How shall we call it
This matter we form
Here in this space
Where this planet is born

Place our dear children
So far from their home
To watch them grow and choose
So hurt and alone

Though cold and hard it may seem
So quickly to pass
Then trials and songs
As my children come back

Try as a child
Succeed as a man
Looking forward to heaven
Dreams of the old
Paradise beyond the here and the now
Finding forever in the touch of your hand

Soul Song
Find me and love me
Hold me forever
Sing of your love to my soul
Hold in your heart
My memory fair
Love me despite me,
My Dear One, I call
Show me your depths
Trust me your soul
Find us together
Forever as one

Backward Belonging
A man to a boy
A girl to a babe
Sand to a stone
Sun to shine
Moon to glow
Frown to face
Bird to song
So one to another
You to I

Do You Love Me?
Do you love me enough to sorrow?
Do you love me enough to try?
Do you love me enough to endure?
I love you enough to die.

Do you love me enough forever?
Do you love me now and today?
Do you love me enough to choose rightly?
Do you love me enough to say?

Can you follow my voice for this moment?
Can you reach for the touch of my hand?
Can you stand with me tomorrow,
So I can hold you Son of Man?

The Devil
Ring the Devil
Tie him in chains
In prayer, in song
All day long
You weaken his power
Shorten his hour
And throw him from the Earth
orig. by Grace Emily

Endure a bit more longer
Patience as you stand the test
Your time is but short here
A mere dance, a mere breath
So quickly it seems to pass by you
So slowly it goes to me
Like passing amidst thick fog
As wading through the dream

Looking After
Egg in a nest
babe in a crib
Man on the Earth
Heart in the chest

Worth of the souls
Too great to compare
All must be guarded
With the greatest of care

Your Home
Works of gold
Works of art
Nothing so precious
As the human heart
Works of love
Works of light
Bringing the peace
Of heaven's delight

Come seek to enter
Your kingdom to claim
Castles in heaven
*Building your home
Daily your deeds
Lay bricks up above
Your glory forever
Carried on by The Dove

Message to heaven
He wings up your plan
So, in rooms you design
Some day you may stand
Will you love it's glory
Lament it's size
Find peace in it's grandeur
It's shortcomings despise
Only you can determine
The glory you'll have
So choose you so wisely
Actions you take today
Your tomorrow and forevers
determined today

Praise for Being Clean
Has the love of today
Planted seeds of tomorrow
Did you follow true heart
Or will you find sorrow

When living in truth
We never go wrong
When lulled to deceit
How sour the song

Let us sing praise
Of the right and the good
Stand for cleanliness and joy
In this our womanhood

Adam worshiped and adored her as he came to Eve to know her
He set the example and set the seed of pure human desire to share
"Mind and soul, body and heart- making this love with the care of making a work of art"

For some so fast
For others so slow
How does your life
Seem to flow

How do you spend
Your time so rare
Do you see a friend
Or walls so bare

Time will keep moving
As onward you march
In to forever
Towards the Arch

Under you pass
Too late to turn back
As your life is now over
On a one way track

You can not do over
Pieces you did not like
So choose very wisely
As you place the spike

Building your own rail
To bring you to heaven
Which train will you ride
Look for the seven

Catch It

Inspiration from heaven
Poured out as the rain
Flowing to Earth
Now and Again

No one to listen
No one to hear
Things we would whisper
Within your ear

Grab you a bucket
Find a big pail
Gather the wisdom
For courses to sail

We wish to smooth your journey
Hard pains to avoid
As rougher the seas

Time to arise
Begin the new day
So much to do
Kind words to say

Helping another
Giving of me
Only this path
Will bring us glee