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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pleasant Memory

As I drove my son to Cub Scouts tonight "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin (Tog Gun Soundtrack) came on the radio. The world faded away as my mind drifted years into the past, filling my body with a warm flowing sensation like liquid romantic love.

The radio was on, though I didn't hear it. I worked in the kitchen, probably making dinner. My mood was not great and I was absorbed in my thoughts. Jim startled me when he gently but firmly grabbed my hand causing my total attention to shift to him. I intended to protest harshly until my eyes met his. It was mesmerizing, like looking a mile deep into intent love.

Shock overcame me. He took the things out of my hands and placed them on the counter. I just stood there dumbly. He looked deep into my eyes, as if seeing something of great beauty and value deep within my soul. The he gently wrapped his arms around me pulling me to him. It felt as if somehow he had managed to wrap his whole self around me, pulling me into the warmth of his very being so that I no longer felt solidarity of my own physical being.

Then, without speaking, we began to dance.

It was so surreal. It felt like it must be a novel, or a movie, or a dream...and somehow more real than anything I had felt in a long while. There was a longing for it never to end, yet no sense of time. Tears threatened as I wanted to weep at the wonder and tenderness of it. Nothing like this had ever happened before. It was so beautifully overwhelming. Truly, 'took my breath away.'

Time stood still for just a while, long enough to gently burn the memory into every cell of my being. Total peace.

When the song ended he held me a few more moments, cementing the moment into each of us. Upon his gentle release I looked up into his eyes. It was just like a romance novel. You really could swim in them, see forever, and feel totally washed in the warmth of his sincere love.


With a wonderful experience like that to take you away, who can blame me for totally ignoring my son's request to change the station?


Blogger mmm.chocolate said...

So beautiful. Ahhh . . . I love moments like that with hubby.

Tue Feb 03, 08:34:00 PM MST  

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