Growing, Not Dying

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Slap Me

The sharp slap of forceful skin on skin contact shot into the room. Quicker than thunder follows lightning came the screech of a preschooler in pain. Dropping her laundry the mother ran to the dining table where, just minutes before, she had left her two young daughters eating their lunch peacefully. With a quickness only experience brings, she took in the scene. Screaming and red-cheeked 4 year old crying while 3 year old sister sat looking very sheepish and sorry.

"What happened," the mother asked rather exasperated.

Blubbering the older girl pointed at her sister, "She hit me!"

Desperate to defend herself the toddler responded, "She said, 'Slap me!'"

The older daughter screamed her words, heavy with anger and accusation, "I didn't mean across the face!"


That little indigent 4 yr old with the stinging cheek was me. I had been choking on a bite of food. Since my mom often patted me on the back when that happened I had asked my sister to "slap me," wanting that pat on the back. My little sister honored my request with gusto, as she understood it. Because my request was unclear, I did not get what I really wanted or expected. Rather I learned a painful lesson.

I do believe my requests to life have been likewise unclear as of late, and it is answering with the same gusto my sister gave, leaving the results feeling uncomfortably familiar.