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Monday, August 11, 2008


Hello. I've gotten phone calls and e-mails asking why I'm not blogging. Actually, I write in my head a lot. Just by the time I can sit down I've forgotten it all. So this is just a general update.

For the Fourth of July we rode a boat out onto Lake Washington, going out very near Gas Works, to watch the most amazing fireworks display I have ever seen! Hearts, stars, smiley faces, flowers, "USA," brilliant colors and patterns. It was AMAZING! and lasted like 45 minutes. Absolutely the coolest, especially if you happen to be like me and LOVE fireworks already. It was the best.

Summer chugged along. My oldest, who now prefers to be "X-Man"- (no relation to the mutant comics/movies,) went to a Scout day camp. He loved it got a lot of work done towards his Webelos requirements. By a stroke of luck he was able to go to a second camp with his brother a couple weeks later, thus earning even more. T is working on his Wolf rank. Jim went along that time and helped with X-Man's group.

The week of the that second camp was a busy one around here. My Mom was kind enough to come up from Idaho to stay with the kids, cleaning and cooking and what not. She had all 4 while Jim worked then the girls in the late afternoon/evening while the boys all went to camp.

Where was I? In Canada doing another self-development/introspective camp. I learned much. We hiked, did arts & crafts, sang, connected with nature....the usual campy stuff. It was good. I've been home 2 weeks as of today, yet I am not sure I have totally reintegrated yet.There is so much to learn and to, more importantly, figure out how that changes who I am being in day to day being.

Little Sunshine turns 4 tomorrow. I can't believe "my baby" is so big. In truth I don't see her as 'a baby,' but rather as just my youngest. Still, it's so odd moving into a new stage of life. We are done with diapers and potty training, sippy cups and toddler size utensils. No more tricycle, she's onto a bike with training wheels. Her sister, the Princess, starts Kindergarten this year and is learning to ride without training wheels altogether. The boys are getting bigger too. Time is just racing by, yet I still have to remind myself to take time to hold them and cherish moments now. Shouldn't that be a natural automatic thing? To want to hold onto these moments? Yet, I get so caught up in changing sheets, scrubbing tubs, loading the dishwasher, and so forth that I am often glad to send them out to play rather than have them underfoot!


Such is life right now. The trick it to remember to embrace it as you go....and try not to embarrass your son too much by dancing in front of his friends.


Blogger Marcos said...

*smiles* Just don't stop dancing. Some day down the line those embarassing moments may lead you to being the cool mom. :-) Or better yet, may inspire them to be the cool ones. :-D

Sat Aug 16, 09:19:00 AM MDT  

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