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Monday, August 11, 2008

Track and Facebook

Today at the track I did something amazing, well amazing for me. I ran over half a lap. For me that was a huge step, but that's not the best part. You see, immediately my brain went "oh man. I still can't do even one lap. My throat is on fire and I feel like I'm gonna collapse and I didn't even make it a quarter mile!" But I noticed! I stopped and went, "Hey! That is the farthest I have run in one stretch yet! Considering I have done regular work outs in 3 weeks that is even more amazing! It's progress! What's even more, I am gonna' keep going. That's right we gonna keep walking round this here track and we're even gonna' run some more." And I did! Yeah me!

On another note, a friend of mine had asked if I was on facebook. I'm not. Out of curiosity I thought I would go see my friend's page and see if I am interested at all. Turns out you can't view someone's page if you aren't a member, but you can search and see how many people have that name. One friend had over 40 and another had 30. I thought they were fairly unique names. Apparently not. So I searched for my name. "No matches found." YES!

I am UNIQUE! I am DIVINE!!!!

Yeah me!!!


Blogger Cindy said...

ROFL! You are Unique and Divine!!!

Hey, my facebook is CJWilkes. Email me yours and I can request you as a friend. ;)

Tue Aug 12, 03:46:00 PM MDT  
Blogger mmm.chocolate said...

Way to go with the running! Remember, slow and steady. It will get easier with time. The first time I tried to run after Sophie was born, I ran one lap, threw my back out, and had to go to the chiropractor. I gave it another try after Ian was born and eventually worked my way from one lap to 17 miles! You can do it!

Sun Aug 17, 01:48:00 PM MDT  

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