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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Name Calling

Sitting out in the shade of the dusty pseudo-ranch I was bragging to Cousin Amy about how well behaved my boys were. (After all, isn't that part of what Family Reunions are for?) To prove my point I called my 7 year old over, who happen to be walking by. I asked him to please take my paper dishes and put them in the trash. When he returned I thanked him and asked him to take Cousin Amy's too. He graciously complied.

While he was in transit with her dishes she asked how I managed to teach them so well. "Not me. They get it all from their dad and the example he sets."

Returning, my son then took his dad's plate and asked if he would like more of anything. Cousin Amy was overwhelmed. (I was secretly pleased because although they are great kids, children have a funny way of behaving the exact opposite when you are trying to show them off.) Jim told our son no thank you, just to throw it away.

Now everyone's dishes were cleared so I half expected the boy to run off and play. I began telling Amy how Jim teaches the kids to call me "Queen Mom" at home sometimes. Just that moment our son returned and asked, "Is there anything else?" (What a thoughtful kid!)

Relishing in the glow of the moment Jim asked, "T, what do I tell you to call mom?"

Confusion on his face he answered with some trepidation, "Mom?"

I knew the question was awfully vague and out-of-nowhere for the poor kid to simply guess at the right answer so I searched for a way to help prompt him without supplying the answer. "Daddy means at home. What does he tell you guys to call me at home?"

I was going to add something like, "On Mother's Day he tells you to call me something special," but didn't get it out. My son's face suddenly lit up with that schoolboy I-know-this-answer pride. With confidence and exuberance he stated loudly, "Sexy!"

Needless to say, everyone laughed and I was done showing off.


Blogger Cindy said...

I love it!!! That cracks me up so hard! I can't stop laughing... I can totally picture it as well :)

Wed Jun 25, 02:46:00 AM MDT  

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