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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Death- my thoughts

Last night we had a family lesson on Death.

We shared our beliefs with our children. We believe we were spirits before birth, children of a Heavenly Father. Then our spirits came to Earth and entered our bodies, like a hand slipping into a glove. The hand is what lets the glove move around. Even though you can't see the hand, it is in the glove. When the hand leaves the glove, it can't move around anymore. The hand is still okay, even without the glove.

We do believe in an afterlife, no reincarnation, so we had to explain how we then put the glove away cause we are done with it. We do believe in resurrection, that we will live again someday.

Last month my sister gave birth to a little girl, Stori. As I am sure you can guess she did not live long. This last week-end Jim's Grandmother passed away. We decided to have the lesson to help the children more clearly understand that these people were not going to "get better." They know I lost a brother before they were born, but still don't have the whole picture clear.

Time means so little for children. My children really only grasp "now," "soon" (meaning in a few minutes,) "later" (meaning today, but not 'soon,') and "a long time." The boys understand "tomorrow" and possibly as far as a few days. Beyond that it is conceptual. They know how to read calendars but it doesn't really mean anything. So telling them that we will see these people again "someday" might be as soon as next week for the girls, and "when we're grown up" for the boys.

For me, it seems I have reached adulthood. Days and weeks are just flying by. Time seems to be moving faster and faster. It seems just a few days ago I was bringing JJ home from the hospital. Now he's 10 and there are 4 children here. Part of me feels like, 'how'd they get here so fast?' Yet I know it will only be a blink and they will be moved out.

Too quickly it is already tomorrow and "later" comes faster. Then 'soon' is 'now' and suddenly.... will be gone.

Best to fill it all up with happy times and good livin'. Making memories and good experiences.


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