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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poem of Change

Old Mother Hubbard
The cat's in the cupboard
the dog should not eat a bone

some times it is best
to sit quiet and rest
out all on your own

Wine me and dine me
tell me "be mine" me
but my will is still my own

Old Mother Hubbard
the cat's in the cupboard
the dog should not eat the bone

Though knowledge you learn
and lessons you earn
some come not on loan

Planted seeds be
and grow like a tree
cause wisdom must be your own.

Move Mother Hubbard
get cat out of cupboard
Say Good-bye to the bone

copyright Dawn McKeeth 2008


Blogger Cindy said...

I love this one! You are so creative!!! I had to read it a few times cause I liked it so much :)

Wed Apr 23, 10:30:00 AM MDT  

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