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Monday, January 21, 2008

Why is it....?

Why is it when we are feeling bad about ourselves, we feel drawn to do something to make ourselves feel worse? Like watch tv or eat junk food or any number of other activities that leave us feeling even worse?

Why is it when you feel nervous that you might say something stupid, you end up saying something that you wish you hadn't, causing you to become more nervous so you say something else wrong and eventually turn in to a babbling idiot with a voice in your head screaming at you to shut up!

Why is it that seems thing to spiral and spiral, snowball as it were? If you trip a little pretty soon you are rolling down the hill. Why does it seem so difficult to apply the same principal in reverse? Why can't one wise remark lead to another? One small good choice lead to a mountain of them?

Why does one question invariably lead to another?


Blogger Marcos said...

That process does work in reverse though, often as it touches someone else. One inspiring thought of another can lead to bunches in other people. One smile of one person can cascade to many more in many others.

As you pointed out in an earlier post, its not if you'll have an effect, but WHAT effect that will be.

Thu Jan 24, 04:54:00 PM MST  

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