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Monday, January 14, 2008

Praying for the Future

Recently I have begun occasionally praying for my future children-in-law and the parents raising them. We can all use extra help in this world, but I think these shall have to be some extrodinary people as they will face interesting challenges- my children.

The other day we were driving when my 7 year old son asked me, "Mom what should I call my business?"

After pausing to check in my brain for any notes about my son having a new hobby... and finding none I asked, " What business?"

"The one I am going to have," he say frustrated with my obvious lack of scruples.

"Oh. Well that depends. What does your business do?"

"I'm a scientist," as if that settles everything.

" What kind of scientist?"

"A SCIENTIST," he exclaims exasperated. I hear the implied 'Geesh, Mom, are you not paying attention?!?!"

Calmly I return, "Well there are a lot of different kinds of scientist. Some study plants or chemicals or build things. Do you know what you want to do? How will your business help people?"

Confidently, "Right now people only use 1 out of 10 parts of their brain so I am going to discover how they can use more. Then I have to let my old teacher know cause I told her I would so she could be smarter too."

"That's call 'neurology', " my 9 yr old pipes in, trying to be helpful. "That has to do with your brains."

"That's right. Neurological has to do with the brain. Perhaps you could call it T.J.'s Neurological Research Center."

"Excuse me, Mom," my very soon to be 5 year old I-love-everything-girly-pink-and-fashion daughter interrupts.

"Yes, Sweetheart?"

"I just want to be a Princess when I grow up."


"And my husband will love me 'cause him will be a prince too."

My mind again repeats this plea, "Father, please help the poor boy who has to live up to this girl's expectations! "

From the back comes, "How many employees should I have?"

We discuss different positions a company might have from the receptionist to the janitor and "the person who handles the money."

"I think they are generally called CFOs in big companies now. Chief Financial Officer," I muse.

My silent prayer continues, "Not to mention the young woman who will be waiting at home for her scientist husband trying to make people smarter. Help their parents prepare them. And help me too."

I smile and shake my head as we all load out of the van, grateful to have another very interesting conversation over with.


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