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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Are you different?

Do you ever have one of those moment where you simply recognize that you are "different?" It may not be in a bad way, or a good way for that matter. Something happens and you just have a moment of insight that you are not the same as the stereo-type or the norm.

Today I had another of those moments.

I was walking to the clubhouse to go workout. I take my girls with me. My friend brings her daughters. We put all the girls in the the gym to play while we work out on the equipment on the other side of the half wall, hoping for few interruptions.

As we walked over this morning, I was carrying "The Bag." Why was this time any different than any other? What brought about a singular moment of insight? Today was the first time I referred to as more than "The Bag." As we walked in my head it became "The Gym Bag."

This caught the attention of my mental faculties.

A 'gym bag' is like a long rectangle or cylinder shape with things like a towel and smelly socks in it, isn't it? I carried a large plastic 'Barnes & Noble' plastic shopping bag. Inside are coloring books, stuffed animals, balls of all different sizes and plastic ponies. Surely this is not a 'gym bag.' But we go to the gym with it, every week day for a couple months now! That must make it okay to call it a 'gym bag.'

Again, I am different.

Oh well. I am.


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