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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Memorable Kid Things

For a while now I have been meaning to record some of those "cute things" my kids do because, "you have to write that down!" So, this will be an evolving list to help me remember. I can only recall a couple as I start this so it will need serious additions later.

S: "em-i-knee" (2 & 3 yrs old)

T: "Mom!! He is saying I have to clean up the mess when he made it and we believe man will be punished for their own sins so he should have to clean it up!" (7/07)

Me: "Come on, Sweetheart. Put the mirror down and let's get going. We are in a hurry."
M: "But Mom, I am so beautiful!" (sum/07)

J: "Have you ever exceeded your imagination?" (12/06)

M: "Mom can I have a spoiled egg?"
S: "Me too! I want a poison egg!"
Me: Yes girls, you can both have boiled eggs. (winter 07/08)

S: "oh."

J: "How do you know what is 'real'?" (2/08)

E: "I had a dream and I was in da water and it was making so I couln't breath. Then Jesus put out His hand like this and grabbed mine hand and pulled me out. Then Him and Heavenly Father smiled. DO you know why He's called Heavenly Father? 'Cause He's Jesus's Father." (4/08)