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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Soul Searching the Deeper Questions

Do you ever feel like you have a lot on your mind, but not a lot to "talk about?" How about those times where you want to be with a friend who will listen as you 'sort out loud' what's on your mind, acting as a sounding board, and will also just sit, being there when you want to contemplate quietly? They are the kind of friend you can share anything with and know it is safe from judgement, criticism, or "storage."

Although I have had several good friends in my life, currently I do not have anyone like this. I have many friends whom I know I could call on for help that are very dear to me, but not a best-can-we-go-for-a-drink-and-contemplate-deep-issues-for-a-couple-hours-friend. My husband is by far and away my best friend, but sometimes it's about him, or it's not a good time, or you just need someone who is not intimately involved in the long term outcome of your pondering. I do not share this for pity or anything. I am perfectly fine and trust if I need a friend of that caliber, one will emerge. This fact has simply forced greater contemplations this week-end. With no one to turn to, I have turned inward.

It is an interesting thing, musing with one's self, somehow trusting the path is there somewhere, concealed in the darkness. Of course I believe in God, but those soft comfortings aren't exactly directions. I am still left to puzzle things out for my own self. It is an interesting and uncomfortable place I find myself right now. There is a choice of what to do, how to deal with it. Do I tune out in front of the tv? Delve into books looking for answers? Find some way to discharge the extra energy building within? Or do I just sit in the uncomfortableness and wait, hoping for answers. . . or at least a hint?

What do you do?


Blogger Marcos said...

One of the things I've found is that sometimes the answers are already there. The path already exists. We just don't like looking at it. It appears too difficult or the consequences too dire. But our hearts and minds typically know where to go and what is best.

One of the comforts that is often forgotten is that for any given situation, there are lots of choices to be made about how to get from point A to point B. Many people only see few choices. They fear the unknown and in doing so, it limits them. We can never truly and fully know the outcomes for things we do not know. We can assume. But we can also paint ourselves into a corner with assumptions.

So look at your choices. Are there some you are avoiding for various reasons? Maybe revisit some of them and make absolutely sure that fear is not the driving force behind your dismissal. And of course allow yourself to think outside the box and see if there aren't choices you missed.

Wed Jul 25, 10:00:00 AM MDT  

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