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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Seminar of the Century- Michael Gerber

This is another in the series from Seminar of the Century- Woodstock for the Mind which was held in Snowmass, CO July6-8, 2007 by Peak Potentials.

Michael Gerber- author of The E-Myth

Wake Up Your Inner Entrepreneur- highlights

Martin Luther King Jr said, " I have a dream..." He had a dream to change the world! It wasn't a personal dream. He didn't dream for a car or a house or a bank account. He dreamed a dream big enough for the whole of humanity!

What's your dream? What's your vision? It's not about "me." It's about them: your loved ones, your community, the world.

Wake up your inner entrepreneur! At 12 Michael was learning saxophone and his parents took him to Merle Johnson. Merle informed them he only taught those who wanted to be the best in the world. Michael had to decide. He choose to commit and learned the ways of following a master.

When he was older he realized he didn't want to be a musician. He ended up selling encyclopedias. He found another master to learn from. He learned you don't make sales. Sales show up when you do it the right way.

Get a master who is doing what you want to do- "Do it exactly this way." There are many who have accomplished who want to pass on their knowledge.

What patterns have you missed in your life? What is trying to reveal itself to you?

Wake up! Start asking questions. It's not a secret yet no one seems to observe. It's all a system. The Universe is a system. Everything changes when you make a decision to commit. No one can be free until they adjust their reality. Seize the day!

Knowing how to do the work is not knowing how to make a business that works. YOU are not the business! There are universal truths about running a business. There are systems!

Start with a vision, a picture of what your business would look like when it's done. What is your exit strategy? What are you driving for? What is your brand? What is the soul of the company? Differentiation. What is your way of looking at the world and how do you communicate that?

No small business needs to stay small. Are really an entrepreneur or are you just suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure? Are you committed or did you just have an idea one day?

What's the question? Pursue the QUESTION!! Discover the question! Then you will have the secret of life.

WHO AM I? This question must live in everything you do! Your business must be in alignment with who you are and what you believe in.

Go to work ON your business, not in your business. If you are the business, you are lost. Go to work ON your life, not in your life. Transcend. Learn to observe.

Experience is the worst teacher in the world. It only tells you what you did wrong and it takes too long. Ray Crock (McDonald's) hired people to work in McDonald's while he worked on the company creating the franchise model.

"Let me tell you a story." Tell the story of the dream, the vision, the heart and soul of the company. Without a story there is no company!

The system is the solution.

Walt Disney created "The Dreaming Room" where the objective was to "pursue the impossible."

What am I the first to do? What am I here to do? What am I here to create?

This is the age of the New Entrepreneur. They are enlightened, bringing hope to the planet- to millions. Create a company of meaning. What is the meaning of my business? What is it contributing? What is the meaning of my life? What am I here to create?

WHO AM I? What matter to me? What am I here to do? What is my purpose in the world?

Dream into ACTION! It's time to invent a new world.

Dream Vision Purpose Mission

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