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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Seminar of the Century - Alan Cohen

This is another in the series on Seminar of the Century.

Alan Cohen was the first trainer. I had never heard of him before this, but am now excited to read his works including The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, A Deep Breath of Life and Are You as Happy as Your Dog?

The Guru in You

Each of us has innate brilliance. The hope is we will be inspired to access and use it while having a good time. After all if life isn't fun, what's the point? Life is about unfolding and becoming rather than arriving.

Fill in the blank. " I am brilliant at _______." Repeat 4 times with a different answer each time.

Your true inner self knows only truth. Every time you say something negative about yourself you are lying. The world was created using the word. Your word also creates.

You already have all the answers in you. You are here at this time by Divine Design. This is the time the world needs you.

Repeat: "I am stepping into my magnitude.
I am owning my magnitude.
I am claiming my magnitude.
I am magnificent."

Every limit you experience is learned. Nothing is unsolvable or incurable. There was a time man thought we could not leave the ground. There was a time diseases that are now almost unheard of wiped out populations. If you hold a higher consciousness you get a different result.


How to access your Inner Guru:

1) Claim your inherent brilliance. Have you ever noticed how much a baby looks like Buddha? Buddha means enlightened. We were born with knowing. We were fine. Then we got de-fined. Now it is time to become re-fined. There is a larger wisdom out there we can all tap into.

Each winter there is a group of whales that come to a 12 mile area of water in the Hawaiian islands. It is the same whales each year. They are recorded, as is their whale song. In the summer they swim 3000 miles north to Alaska. They return the following winter. It is absolutely amazing how they find their way back and forth. It's not like they Google a map. Each winter when they return their whale song has changed, it is a variation built upon the previous year's song. Every whale knows it. More amazing is that every whale in the world will be singing this new song, groups that have never interacted.

There are many cases of animal instinct. If animals are blessed with it, how can we doubt that the Divine would have given us, as people, such a gift?

2) Pave your avenue to knowing. Meditate, run, shower, yoga, nature, nap, relax
A- Do what brings you life
B- Quit doing what deadens you

Integrity is when the life you are living matches who you are inside. Don't force something. If you can't pray a door open, don't try to pry it. The Universe is abundant. It is as if you are using a hose to water your garden. Suddenly the water starts coming out in a trickle. You blame the water. You blame the water company. You blame the hose itself. Then you realize you are standing on the hose. Get off your own hose. Only you have the power to relax and let it flow. Let health flow into you. let wealth flow in. Let it be easy. Struggle is not required. Do what you love! If it feels like work, you are doing the wrong thing. If it's not a "Hell Yes," it's a "No!"

3) Trust Your Gut- Learn to recognize and listen to your inner-knowing. Maybe there is a reason you are being prompted. Alan shared his friend's story. He was prompted to go visit
a close friend of his for no apparent reason. He put it off for about an hour before finally deciding to go. Upon arrival he found his friend had died 30 minutes earlier. Had he listened he may have been able to save his friend. At the least he could have comforted him during the passing. Since then he always listens to his hunches, right away.

4) Passion before pension- Studies have found no one style of music is more inspiring than another. Rather the passion of the artist makes a huge difference. Your passion is what attracts people to you. When you are living in passion the money will simply flow in.

5) Be perfectly authentic- Genuine = genius, authentic = authority Whatever you do, give your passion. Nothing rips the world off more than someone who is bored.

GURU = Gee, yoU aRe yoU

Don't try to be someone else. The world only needs one Tiger Woods, one Oprah, one Micheal Jordan. Be the FIRST you! Heart is the biggest thing. People know and recognize heart. See Paul Potts from Britain's Got Talent, and the final. Quit letting the world dictate how you should be. What you think is wrong with you may actually be what's right. Stop wearing the wrong suit. Be true to your gifts. Be your own visionary.

6) Be NOT distracted- You can't afford to "go there." Live in your vision. Hammerstein wrote The Sound of Music while dying, The Christmas Song was written in June. There will always be those who tell you that is can't be done. Live in your own vision.

7) Take an action step that signifies belief. Alan was writing his first book on a borrowed typewriter. He had very little and money was tight. He saw a used typewriter for sale for $50. he did not get it. That night he could not sleep and decided if it was still there the next day he would buy it. The typewriter cost him $50. That book alone has a gross return of $2.4 million. Action is required. What is your typewriter? What is calling to you? Do that thing that signifies belief to you. A good example is Indiana Jones taking his Leap of Faith. Was the bridge always there or did it appear because he stepped?

8) Launch and release- There is a time to put your intention out there and a time to let it go. If you keep digging up a seed it can never grow. Why not let the Universe do some of the work and give you a hand?

9) Trust the Divine Order- There is a greater plan you do not see. If you let it, all things are conspiring for your greatest good. Every minus is just a plus waiting for a stroke of vertical awareness.

10) Live in Joy- Find joy now. We have all heard of life after death, but is there life before death? Tell the honest truth in every moment. When someone asks your preference or opinion practice being true and honest, even over the littlest things.

Conclusion: A man sat reading the paper when his son came to and asked to play. The father wanted some time so decided to put the boy off. He saw a picture of the world in the paper he was reading and ripped it out. He then tore the picture in dozens of pieces and handed them to the boy. "When you put this picture back together, then I will play with you." The boy left to the other room and the father was feeling quite content with himself.

A short time later the boy returned with the picture all taped together. The father was astonished. "How did you do that so fast? It should have been quite difficult. It would have taken me at least an an hour to put that Earth together."

The boy looked at his father and answered, "You're right the Earth was hard. In fact, I was ready to give up because it was so hard. Then I noticed on the back of one of the pieces was a hand. So I turned another over and found an eye. Then I turned over all the pieces. On the back was a picture of a man. That was a lot easier. When you put the man together, the world just falls in place."

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