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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Long Night

*gong* *gong*

"Two gongs? The clock must be broken...wait no. It's 2 am. It's only suppose to go twice. Oh. But that means I just went to bed 2 hours ago." I am so sleepy. Not really thinking as I finish changing the sheets on TJ's bed. Give him a bowl. "If you're gonna' be sick again, use this. Okay, Honey?" Tuck him in.

Me back to bed. Snuggle down. Drifting deeper.....*crying* "Mommy"

My brain thinks, "What? Huh? Which child is that?"

"Mommy," sniffle, "I couldn't find my bowl."

Finally my brain returns a name:Emily. Oh no. She must have thrown up in her bed too. "Ok, Baby.Let's go look." Back to her room. Nothing's on her bed! Yeah! "Here's your bowl, Honey."

Tuck her in. Back to bed. Snuggle down.......drifting........


Ok then. Up. It's TJ, but into the bowl! yeah. good boy. rinse the bowl. give it back. "Hey," my brain thinks, "don't we have some medicine or something for this?" Medicine. What a good idea! *looking* Pepto! Good call. Take the medicine to the kids.

"Mom! Can I have water?" Water to the kids.

"Mom. My body just threwed up on me."

Great. Clean up Emily.

"Mom. I tried, but it didn't all make it in the bowl."

Clean up TJ. No more water.


As I sit here I can't help but wonder, why must it be the 2 kids in the top bunks?

*bong* *bong* *bong*

I heard you don't get a lot of sleep in the military. I wonder. Maybe I should join so I can catch up on some.


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