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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Long Night

*gong* *gong*

"Two gongs? The clock must be broken...wait no. It's 2 am. It's only suppose to go twice. Oh. But that means I just went to bed 2 hours ago." I am so sleepy. Not really thinking as I finish changing the sheets on TJ's bed. Give him a bowl. "If you're gonna' be sick again, use this. Okay, Honey?" Tuck him in.

Me back to bed. Snuggle down. Drifting deeper.....*crying* "Mommy"

My brain thinks, "What? Huh? Which child is that?"

"Mommy," sniffle, "I couldn't find my bowl."

Finally my brain returns a name:Emily. Oh no. She must have thrown up in her bed too. "Ok, Baby.Let's go look." Back to her room. Nothing's on her bed! Yeah! "Here's your bowl, Honey."

Tuck her in. Back to bed. Snuggle down.......drifting........


Ok then. Up. It's TJ, but into the bowl! yeah. good boy. rinse the bowl. give it back. "Hey," my brain thinks, "don't we have some medicine or something for this?" Medicine. What a good idea! *looking* Pepto! Good call. Take the medicine to the kids.

"Mom! Can I have water?" Water to the kids.

"Mom. My body just threwed up on me."

Great. Clean up Emily.

"Mom. I tried, but it didn't all make it in the bowl."

Clean up TJ. No more water.


As I sit here I can't help but wonder, why must it be the 2 kids in the top bunks?

*bong* *bong* *bong*

I heard you don't get a lot of sleep in the military. I wonder. Maybe I should join so I can catch up on some.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Soul Searching the Deeper Questions

Do you ever feel like you have a lot on your mind, but not a lot to "talk about?" How about those times where you want to be with a friend who will listen as you 'sort out loud' what's on your mind, acting as a sounding board, and will also just sit, being there when you want to contemplate quietly? They are the kind of friend you can share anything with and know it is safe from judgement, criticism, or "storage."

Although I have had several good friends in my life, currently I do not have anyone like this. I have many friends whom I know I could call on for help that are very dear to me, but not a best-can-we-go-for-a-drink-and-contemplate-deep-issues-for-a-couple-hours-friend. My husband is by far and away my best friend, but sometimes it's about him, or it's not a good time, or you just need someone who is not intimately involved in the long term outcome of your pondering. I do not share this for pity or anything. I am perfectly fine and trust if I need a friend of that caliber, one will emerge. This fact has simply forced greater contemplations this week-end. With no one to turn to, I have turned inward.

It is an interesting thing, musing with one's self, somehow trusting the path is there somewhere, concealed in the darkness. Of course I believe in God, but those soft comfortings aren't exactly directions. I am still left to puzzle things out for my own self. It is an interesting and uncomfortable place I find myself right now. There is a choice of what to do, how to deal with it. Do I tune out in front of the tv? Delve into books looking for answers? Find some way to discharge the extra energy building within? Or do I just sit in the uncomfortableness and wait, hoping for answers. . . or at least a hint?

What do you do?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My 99 Red Balloons- Releasing Regrets

The song "99 Red Balloons" came on the radio as I was driving home. The idea of letting all your regrets go really resonated with me. Since getting 99 balloons would be problematic and not very environmentally friendly, I decided to list it here, on my blog, and let them go energetically. I also want to anchor greater peace, so I listed white balloons- things I do not regret.

As I have come to understand that everything in my life to this point has created who I am, and that all things are on purpose and in order, it was surprisingly hard to come up with 99 regrets. Looking in honesty made it easier to find things that still held an emotional charge to them.

I hereby release into the vast universe my red balloons. Go be be discharged and transmuted into something better.

My Red Balloons:

1. All the "thank-yous" I did not send.
2. The times I did not say I was sorry.
3. The friends I did not keep in touch with.
4. The phone calls I did not make.
5. Not taking my Dad's place on that plane.
6. All the times I didn't stand up for myself.
7. That night after the fair.
8. The letters I never mailed.
9. Not going to the kids games.
10. Not trusting my husband sooner.
11. Not telling my Dad where I really was that night.
12. Where I really was that night.
13. Not calling Scott that spring.
14. Every time I have yelled at my children in anger.
15. Every time I have hit my kids in anger.
16. My anger.
17. That investment house I KNEW I should have bought and didn't.
18. The investment property I KNEW I shouldn't buy, but did anyway.
19. Going over to his house after school.
20. Climbing back up over the cliff that first time.
21. Wearing the sleazy outfit on that date.
22. Every time I have contorted myself to please some guy.
23. Letting spirituality slide in my home.
24. Kicking my dog.
25. Not maintaining my house.
26. That Thanksgiving dinner talk.
27. That night I stayed out.
28. All the times I didn't say 'no' when I really wanted to.
29. Borrowing money to invest.
30. Dropping out of University.
31. Not going to that prestigious university back east.
32. Not keeping up with my French studies.
33. Every time I allow someone to make me feel less than I am.
34. Not taking better care of my body.
35. Not having a regular nanny to help with the kids when I travel.
36. Every cutting or demeaning remark I have said about or to my husband.
37. All the broken promises.
38. Not sticking to activities I love.
39. Allowing myself to play small.
40. New Year's Eve that year.
41. Not getting help to deal with the depression.
42. Skipping school...every time.
43. Missing curfew.
44. Not being there for my sister.
45. Buying on credit.
46. My Uncle.
47. Not spending more time with my grandparents.
48. Not hanging out with my cousins more.
49. Not taking more pictures.
50. Falling away from my best friends.
51. Breaking boundaries.
52. Not knowing what true love was at the right times.
53. Confusing sex and love.
54. Not climbing higher.
55. Not recording more in my journal.
56. Letting fear stop me.
57. Marrying without thinking the first time.
58. Not following my vision, even now.
59. Every time I don't follow that little voice inside.
60. That terrible night on the couch.
61. The day after Graduation.
62. Making my husband late for his dream.
63. Betraying a friend.
64. The times I doubt myself.
65. Not speaking up to help a stranger.
66. Expecting "him" to solve my problems for me.
67. Pretending nothing was going on.
68. Lying.
69. Cheating.
70. Being sucked into other peoples dramas.
71. Debt.
72. Being a poor example of my religious beliefs.
73. Being ashamed and hiding my beliefs.
74. Hours in front of the TV instead of worthwhile endeavors.
75. Surprising him.
76. Not telling.
77. Not telling sooner.
78. Every guy I hurt or made feel small.
79. Every time I did not confront the person I had the problem with.
80. Pretending we are better off than we are.
81. Not recording my dreams.
82. Not giving myself a chance, "cause someone else was already better at it than I am."
83. Getting rid of my dog.
84. Having a crush on my step-brother.
85. Not noticing the boys who had crushes on me.
86. Dating so young.
87. Ron- being hurt and not helping.
88. Dan- I am sorry for how that ended.
89. Wasted time.
90. Pushing instead of pulling.
91. Eating an entire half gallon of ice cream....each time.
92. Unpulled weeds, inside and out.
93. All the great times I missed because I was too embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit.
94. The relationships I don't have with my sisters.
95. All my Dad's advise I didn't listen to.
96. All the useless advise I did listen to.
97. Not making more magic for my kids.
98. Lack of self control.
99. Not nourishing my relationship with God.

I hereby celebrate my white balloons. It is my hope they multiply and inspire.

My White Balloons:

1. The Man I married.
2. The man I divorced.
3. All my children.
4. Stopping.
5. Having never smoked.
6. Having never drank.
7. Having never done drugs.
8. Courage to do the horseback riding.
9. My friends in high school.
10. Sticking with a modest prom dress.
11. Teaching my kids unconventional ideas that I know will serve them.
12. Standing up for myself.
13. Standing up for my kids.
14. All the nights I came home.
15. The times I said 'no' when I wanted to.
16. Going to University.
17. Working through high school.
18. Dropping French to take the class I believed in.
19. All the seminars and workshops I take to improve myself.
20. Doing fun creative dating, especially in groups.
21. Going to Florida and everything that happened there.
22. New Year's Eve this year.
23. Admitting I needed help.
24. Dropping everything to go to Ireland.
25. Following my dream to invest.
26. Staying true to my word.
27. Saying 'I'm sorry' first.
28. Waiting for a friend.
29. Honoring boundaries.
30. Planting trees.
31. Playing.
32. Dancing in the rain.
33. Running through the fountain.
34. Deliberately making memories.
35. Marrying with total commitment the second time.
36. Being totally honest with my husband, in all things.
37. Having faith in my kids.
38. Turning down my ex-fiance, both times.
39. Finally traveling.
40. Fall afternoons in the park.
41. Anytime I have opened my soul completely.
42. Choosing to be vulnerable.
43. Asking for what I want.
44. Not being attached to whether or not I get it.
45. Learning to listen.
46. The times I trust myself.
47. The Dalai Lama in Sun Valley.
48. Picking up that hitchhiker, both times.
49. 12 times.
50. The sleep over.
51. Hours spent in the dirt.
52. Hours spent reading.
53. The lessons garnered from shaving my head.
54. Every guy I made feel loved or built up.
55. Losing my job because I stood up.
56. Confronting my friend at camp.
57. Standing up to my family.
58. Being of service.
59. Trying new things.
60. Being brave.
61. Walking on fire, literally and figuratively.
62. Creating new bonds, deeply and quickly.
63. Hugging.
64. Accepting without guilt.
65. Dancing just for fun.
66. Speaking my truth.
67. Believing what others can not see.
68. Expecting more from my children.
69. Having rules in my marriage.
70. Trusting my husband totally and completely, without question.
71. Loyalty to my friends.
72. Asking my teacher, Mrs. Paz, for help.
73. Surrounding myself with friends who expect my best.
74. Dreaming big.
75. Teaching my children to dream big.
76. Seeing and believing the greatness in my husband.
77. Believing there is greatness in everyone I meet.
78. Calling a friend "on accident."
79. Staying up to see the stars.
80. Watching a fabulous sunrise or sunset, totally absorbed in the moment.
81. Speaking up when some I love is about to do something they will regret later, whether or not they listen.
82. Not saying 'I told you so' later.
83. Making time for magic in my marriage.
84. Learning to can.
85. Making quilts.
86. Writing.
87. Keeping in touch with friends.
88. Sometimes the adventure is only in "the getting there," there is no destination.
89. Meditation.
90. Exploring other cultures and religions.
91. Lively discussions and debates.
92. Respecting other people including their beliefs and ideas.
93. Withholding judgement.
94. Knowing God loves me.
95. Knowing God loves each person.
96. Buying a home.
97. Being sexually open with my husband.
98. Admitting I was wrong.
99. Faith.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kiss My Trash and Other Ways to Say Thank You

This week I have learned another great lesson on gratitude. You may have heard me talk on "love" before, that's it's not just a feeling, its a verb- an action. Love is what you do. I have come to realize that gratitude is more than a feeling as well. It is what we do that shows and tells of how grateful we really are.

Several weeks ago I had some friends who needed a place to stay. I was happy to help them out. I was grateful to be able to do something, pay it forward so to speak. They got an apartment and moved about 10 days ago. Yesterday, I went over to paint a room and discovered that my friends, whom I expected to be grateful for the help, had left the place quite dirty. In fact, the dishes we had lent them were sitting in the sink dirty, bags of garbage were in several rooms and piled in the driveway, and the blankets we lent them were sitting rotting wet in the washer. It stank and was filthy. Needless to say, I was not pleased. My mother, my kids and myself cleaned for a few hours before we could start on the painting.

At first I was angry. Then I recognized I was hurt. After contemplating it, tonight I am not happy, but I am grateful for the lessons I have learned.

Years ago I found a children's book that is so appropriate here. (I forgot the title and wish I owned it.) It is a story of an angel preparing to go to Earth. He is asked what he would like to learn. After some contemplation the angel decides he would like to learn "forgiveness" so his friend, another angel, says he will go down as "hate." The first angel is surprised and asks why his friend would choose to become something so ugly. His friend replies that he loves him and the first can only learn forgiveness if he is hurt. However, the second does ask a favor of the first, to remember that they are both angels and they are friends. The second realizes he will not remember his true nature once he gets into the character of "hate." He also asks the first to help him remember who is really is.

So I have decided that these friends dressed up as "inconsiderate," to help me see all the times in my own life I have failed to show more gratitude in my actions, to remind me of how I could be better. After all, saying it is nice, but then if it is not followed with actions that back it up, it is just nice words. Talk is cheap and actions speak volumes.

If I have failed at some time to thank you for something, know I appreciate you and will do better in the future. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Seminar of the Century- Michael Gerber

This is another in the series from Seminar of the Century- Woodstock for the Mind which was held in Snowmass, CO July6-8, 2007 by Peak Potentials.

Michael Gerber- author of The E-Myth

Wake Up Your Inner Entrepreneur- highlights

Martin Luther King Jr said, " I have a dream..." He had a dream to change the world! It wasn't a personal dream. He didn't dream for a car or a house or a bank account. He dreamed a dream big enough for the whole of humanity!

What's your dream? What's your vision? It's not about "me." It's about them: your loved ones, your community, the world.

Wake up your inner entrepreneur! At 12 Michael was learning saxophone and his parents took him to Merle Johnson. Merle informed them he only taught those who wanted to be the best in the world. Michael had to decide. He choose to commit and learned the ways of following a master.

When he was older he realized he didn't want to be a musician. He ended up selling encyclopedias. He found another master to learn from. He learned you don't make sales. Sales show up when you do it the right way.

Get a master who is doing what you want to do- "Do it exactly this way." There are many who have accomplished who want to pass on their knowledge.

What patterns have you missed in your life? What is trying to reveal itself to you?

Wake up! Start asking questions. It's not a secret yet no one seems to observe. It's all a system. The Universe is a system. Everything changes when you make a decision to commit. No one can be free until they adjust their reality. Seize the day!

Knowing how to do the work is not knowing how to make a business that works. YOU are not the business! There are universal truths about running a business. There are systems!

Start with a vision, a picture of what your business would look like when it's done. What is your exit strategy? What are you driving for? What is your brand? What is the soul of the company? Differentiation. What is your way of looking at the world and how do you communicate that?

No small business needs to stay small. Are really an entrepreneur or are you just suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure? Are you committed or did you just have an idea one day?

What's the question? Pursue the QUESTION!! Discover the question! Then you will have the secret of life.

WHO AM I? This question must live in everything you do! Your business must be in alignment with who you are and what you believe in.

Go to work ON your business, not in your business. If you are the business, you are lost. Go to work ON your life, not in your life. Transcend. Learn to observe.

Experience is the worst teacher in the world. It only tells you what you did wrong and it takes too long. Ray Crock (McDonald's) hired people to work in McDonald's while he worked on the company creating the franchise model.

"Let me tell you a story." Tell the story of the dream, the vision, the heart and soul of the company. Without a story there is no company!

The system is the solution.

Walt Disney created "The Dreaming Room" where the objective was to "pursue the impossible."

What am I the first to do? What am I here to do? What am I here to create?

This is the age of the New Entrepreneur. They are enlightened, bringing hope to the planet- to millions. Create a company of meaning. What is the meaning of my business? What is it contributing? What is the meaning of my life? What am I here to create?

WHO AM I? What matter to me? What am I here to do? What is my purpose in the world?

Dream into ACTION! It's time to invent a new world.

Dream Vision Purpose Mission

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Seminar of the Century - Alan Cohen

This is another in the series on Seminar of the Century.

Alan Cohen was the first trainer. I had never heard of him before this, but am now excited to read his works including The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, A Deep Breath of Life and Are You as Happy as Your Dog?

The Guru in You

Each of us has innate brilliance. The hope is we will be inspired to access and use it while having a good time. After all if life isn't fun, what's the point? Life is about unfolding and becoming rather than arriving.

Fill in the blank. " I am brilliant at _______." Repeat 4 times with a different answer each time.

Your true inner self knows only truth. Every time you say something negative about yourself you are lying. The world was created using the word. Your word also creates.

You already have all the answers in you. You are here at this time by Divine Design. This is the time the world needs you.

Repeat: "I am stepping into my magnitude.
I am owning my magnitude.
I am claiming my magnitude.
I am magnificent."

Every limit you experience is learned. Nothing is unsolvable or incurable. There was a time man thought we could not leave the ground. There was a time diseases that are now almost unheard of wiped out populations. If you hold a higher consciousness you get a different result.


How to access your Inner Guru:

1) Claim your inherent brilliance. Have you ever noticed how much a baby looks like Buddha? Buddha means enlightened. We were born with knowing. We were fine. Then we got de-fined. Now it is time to become re-fined. There is a larger wisdom out there we can all tap into.

Each winter there is a group of whales that come to a 12 mile area of water in the Hawaiian islands. It is the same whales each year. They are recorded, as is their whale song. In the summer they swim 3000 miles north to Alaska. They return the following winter. It is absolutely amazing how they find their way back and forth. It's not like they Google a map. Each winter when they return their whale song has changed, it is a variation built upon the previous year's song. Every whale knows it. More amazing is that every whale in the world will be singing this new song, groups that have never interacted.

There are many cases of animal instinct. If animals are blessed with it, how can we doubt that the Divine would have given us, as people, such a gift?

2) Pave your avenue to knowing. Meditate, run, shower, yoga, nature, nap, relax
A- Do what brings you life
B- Quit doing what deadens you

Integrity is when the life you are living matches who you are inside. Don't force something. If you can't pray a door open, don't try to pry it. The Universe is abundant. It is as if you are using a hose to water your garden. Suddenly the water starts coming out in a trickle. You blame the water. You blame the water company. You blame the hose itself. Then you realize you are standing on the hose. Get off your own hose. Only you have the power to relax and let it flow. Let health flow into you. let wealth flow in. Let it be easy. Struggle is not required. Do what you love! If it feels like work, you are doing the wrong thing. If it's not a "Hell Yes," it's a "No!"

3) Trust Your Gut- Learn to recognize and listen to your inner-knowing. Maybe there is a reason you are being prompted. Alan shared his friend's story. He was prompted to go visit
a close friend of his for no apparent reason. He put it off for about an hour before finally deciding to go. Upon arrival he found his friend had died 30 minutes earlier. Had he listened he may have been able to save his friend. At the least he could have comforted him during the passing. Since then he always listens to his hunches, right away.

4) Passion before pension- Studies have found no one style of music is more inspiring than another. Rather the passion of the artist makes a huge difference. Your passion is what attracts people to you. When you are living in passion the money will simply flow in.

5) Be perfectly authentic- Genuine = genius, authentic = authority Whatever you do, give your passion. Nothing rips the world off more than someone who is bored.

GURU = Gee, yoU aRe yoU

Don't try to be someone else. The world only needs one Tiger Woods, one Oprah, one Micheal Jordan. Be the FIRST you! Heart is the biggest thing. People know and recognize heart. See Paul Potts from Britain's Got Talent, and the final. Quit letting the world dictate how you should be. What you think is wrong with you may actually be what's right. Stop wearing the wrong suit. Be true to your gifts. Be your own visionary.

6) Be NOT distracted- You can't afford to "go there." Live in your vision. Hammerstein wrote The Sound of Music while dying, The Christmas Song was written in June. There will always be those who tell you that is can't be done. Live in your own vision.

7) Take an action step that signifies belief. Alan was writing his first book on a borrowed typewriter. He had very little and money was tight. He saw a used typewriter for sale for $50. he did not get it. That night he could not sleep and decided if it was still there the next day he would buy it. The typewriter cost him $50. That book alone has a gross return of $2.4 million. Action is required. What is your typewriter? What is calling to you? Do that thing that signifies belief to you. A good example is Indiana Jones taking his Leap of Faith. Was the bridge always there or did it appear because he stepped?

8) Launch and release- There is a time to put your intention out there and a time to let it go. If you keep digging up a seed it can never grow. Why not let the Universe do some of the work and give you a hand?

9) Trust the Divine Order- There is a greater plan you do not see. If you let it, all things are conspiring for your greatest good. Every minus is just a plus waiting for a stroke of vertical awareness.

10) Live in Joy- Find joy now. We have all heard of life after death, but is there life before death? Tell the honest truth in every moment. When someone asks your preference or opinion practice being true and honest, even over the littlest things.

Conclusion: A man sat reading the paper when his son came to and asked to play. The father wanted some time so decided to put the boy off. He saw a picture of the world in the paper he was reading and ripped it out. He then tore the picture in dozens of pieces and handed them to the boy. "When you put this picture back together, then I will play with you." The boy left to the other room and the father was feeling quite content with himself.

A short time later the boy returned with the picture all taped together. The father was astonished. "How did you do that so fast? It should have been quite difficult. It would have taken me at least an an hour to put that Earth together."

The boy looked at his father and answered, "You're right the Earth was hard. In fact, I was ready to give up because it was so hard. Then I noticed on the back of one of the pieces was a hand. So I turned another over and found an eye. Then I turned over all the pieces. On the back was a picture of a man. That was a lot easier. When you put the man together, the world just falls in place."

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Seminar of the Century - John Gray

Last weekend, July 6-8 Jim, my husband, and I were blessed to attend Peak Potentials' Seminar of the Century, Woodstock for the Mind. There were some amazing presenters, teachers and trainers there. I learned so much amazing information I would like to pass on some of the highlights in this blog. They will be presented in no particular order.

John Gray was quite amazing. He was different than when I had seen him on stage previously. He has now been married 23 years. He has been studying the effects of nutrition on brain chemistry and how it plays out in relationships. It explains a lot.

Some of the highlights:

Women see everything and think big picture. Men are goal orientated. They want to achieve. Men generally are happy if they can eat, sleep and have sex.

There is a chemical in the brain called serotonin. It allows us to cope with stress. When a woman's blood sugar drops she can't produce serotonin. This is why if she says she is hungry it is important to feed her quickly, but not sugar. Sugar burns hot and fast, like kindling.

When a women is faced with stress there is 8 times the normal blood flow to the emotional part of her brain and if her blood sugar is low she will respond 2 times faster and 10 times as intensely!

Women like to talk because talking allows her brain to make serotonin. If you interrupt her or try "reasoning" with her it's like putting gas on a fire because you stop the production. The best thing you can do is make little noises to show you are listening or say "Tell me more." For a guy this may seem like torture, but her brain will give you points for it.

Give a guy credit for listening. Women have 10 times the neural pathways in their brains than men so they are everywhere at once. They can access memory, emotion, reasoning, and more all at once. Men have 7 times the "gray matter," or thinking matter. So while a woman is talking about her feelings and recalling something he is listening logically, then has to run over to memory to recall what she is bring up then over to emotion to check in there then back to reasoning to process it. While she talking away he's jogging all over his mind and then typically the woman can't understand why he's having trouble keeping up in the conversation! It is exhausting to him. That's why a man's best bet is to just listen and let her make the serotonin she needs to calm down.

It is important to help her maintain her blood sugar otherwise when she does get stressed she gets that temporary amnesia where she forgets every good thing the guy has ever done. Sugar, especially fructose found in so many processed foods, burns off hot and fast. Dextrose will satisfy for hours. When your body is in "fat burning mode," not on a "diet," it can produce the right chemicals. Sitting has your body in sugar burning. Rythmic movement like repetetive excersize or dance places the body in fat burning. Men generally do not run out of serotonin. They run out of dopamine first. Dopamine is created when he is happy and excited.

Men learn best from positive feedback. Point out what he does right and let him make you happy. Men remember and repeat successes. Point out what he does right. You can yell at a puppy when he pees on the floor but it won't potty train him. Give it a treat every time he goes outside and it learn what you want. Feeling successful allows him to produce more dopamine and testosterone which gives him more energy, more focus and makes him more interested in you as well as life.

Men and women "keep score" differently. Men think one rose is one point and 3 dozen would be 36 points. Not so. Although different women tally slightly differently, usually one act equals one point. Bigger does not automatically mean more points. Little things make a big difference. Each act that shows thought on your part is a point. If you are meeting one of her needs there may be bonus points and if it is something you can do for her right away or without being prompted there are bonus points. Men, assume you are always behind. Women, give him all the points you can. Men want to reach the goal; let him make you happy. Men are attracted and attached to women they know how to please.

Women have a never ending 'to do' list. It's born in them. Men can compartmentalize and leave there to do list behind while they relax in their "cave time." Women do not instinctively do this so they are looking for help. Women understand men need some time and space. If you bug them and push them it only increases the amount of cave time they need. If you allow it and understand it is not about you personally, they will miss your company and come looking for you.

This is just a few of the highlights from my learning. To find out more visit his website at

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