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Monday, March 19, 2007

L-U-C-K: What is it?

What is "luck" anyway? I have been taught a few ways to look at luck that have served me well. Perhaps they will serve you as well.

First is as an acronym, Living Under Correct Knowledge. What most people perceive as chance to others seems as if it should be expected. This latter group are those who believe they create their life thus pull in whatever they need in order to reach their goals. It's a line of belief very much in harmony with things like "The Secret." You decide on something, visualize it, then take action as if it is happening expecting everything to fall into place.

The next saying is "Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet. You have to be the right person at the right time in the right place." Here again you are doing something to kind of create your luck. It is a matter of whom you are becoming. Develop yourself and learn to watch for opportunity.

There is also the popular "born under a lucky star." Those who seem blessed no matter what. On flip side those who "can't seem to catch a lucky break." Life just keep piling more and more of the same on them.

So, do we attract the favor of the Universe of is it randomly assigned? I don't know. Personally, I have never found the proverbial pot of gold but I do live in a free country in a warm home with a healthy family. We have bills, dirty dishes and laundry to do which means we have life happening, food and clothing. For most of the world, that is lucky. So maybe "luck," after all, is simply an attitude of how you choose to see your present situation.

I am pretty lucky.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

"Best" Day

Today has been a "best" day. You know, the kind that when you were a kid you tell people, "This is my best day ever," and you really meant it each time you said it.

When I first woke up this morning I was not ready. My Honey got up with the kids and gave me that extra time to sleep a bit more. Then I woke up in just the best mood. I was able to get a couple of wonderful women to agree to watch my kids for the afternoon. My neightbor brought over some great stamps and papers for me to use on the scrapbook I am making.

The weather was absolutely perfect today! 75 degrees F with just a hint of a breeze on occassion. After getting my kindergardener off to school and dropping my daughter off I met my mother for lunch. An uncle I hadn't seen in a couple years joined us. We had a wonderful conversation full of great nuggets of wisdom, like the value of family and how to make money. Afterwards my mother took me shopping at the mall. She bought me 2 new shirts, 2 pants and new shoes! Then we stopped and got some chocolates.

Mom had sent money home to buy the kids dinner as well so I didn't have to cook either. They didn't fight about what they wanted nor complained when the order wasn't perfect and asked for fruit and healthy beverages to go with it. After dinner we spent some time outside in the yard as a family. Later, my Honey shared he got a raise at work. I returned some calls about a house I have rent-to-own which resulted in one couple that very well may end up getting it at a price I would be happy with. My Dad, whom I love but don't see very often, just happen to drop by for a visit this evening. It was an enjoyable chat.

Retiring to my room to relax I flipped on the satellite just as one of my favorite songs came on, followed by a second favorite. A few minutes later I was sitting on my bed, sucking on my favorite minty chocolate, looking at the most beautiful nature paper reflecting on what a wonderful moment I was in when a new song caught my attention. It was on the Kid's Tunes station. Ernie from Sesame Street asks Bert what he's doing. Bert replies by singing about his favorite number...6. It may seem silly, but I LOVE the number 6. It's my favorite! I was reading Dan Millman's "No Ordinary Moments" earlier today and it is so true. This whole day was full of things that could have been seen as "nice" or "good" or even normal, but I was gifted to enjoy each moment through this day recognizing them as a gift, magical gifts. In this moment sitting on my bed in my pjs, (which I love,) looking at picture that nurtured my soul, eating a wonderfully creamy treat smiling listening about the number 6 I felt the magic of the day wash over me. It is amazing to be the magic.

I hope you recoginize your magical moments and create your "best" day too.