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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Year's Contemplations

Several lines of thought and conversations came together in my mind today leading to some interesting questions to contemplate. Perhaps you might find them interesting, revealing and helpful as well.

Earlier, I was reading an article by a friend of mine, Dr. Cheryl Fraser, The Passion Coach, in which she was talking about why we don't keep our resolutions. She encourages people to consider why we keep commitments to other people such as our boss, kids, friends, but feel it's okay not to keep commitments to ourselves.

Why do I follow through on things I don't really want to do for other people, then neglect what I wanted to do for me?

My conclusion was a feeling of obligation. This led to considering how much of my life is lived out of obligation.

If I were to stop living from obligation, what would dictate my action?

In The Secret much is said about "following your bliss."

What is my bliss? When in my life have I felt blissful?

Another friend mentioned today she realized for the first time when she was growing up all she wanted was to be a Mom. She now has 5 boys. She has been so busy being a Mom it didn't occur to her until recently she is living her dream. This IS what she always wanted to do! She has decided to embrace it rather than always looking towards "when the kids are all in school" or "when thay move out."

What is really my dream life? If I stopped caring what everyone says I should want, what would really make my heart happy? When have I felt happy and at peace in the past? Were there moments I felt "this is what it is all about?"

Allison Armstrong talks about how women don't realize that we often give up being priceless to feel important. We don't realize how much we are truely worth already as beautiful femine beings. Instead we go out into the world to accomplish things, prove ourselves and become just as important as the men.

How/When am I already priceless? What makes me feel important? Are the distractions or am I being of service? Are there times I might be both?

Anytime I consider evelauating my life, my inner voice nags me about all the commitments I am already involved in. Usually this weighs me down and I stop considering changes because I am already so loaded down with things that need to be done, months behind and committed months out. Today I am asking questions.

What am I already committed to? Is there anything I can decommit from? What obligations am I meeting at less than 100%? Would I prefer to drop those or find a way to do better at them?

All of these questions are revealing and lead to hours of searching inside. Together they shed light. Being open to the answers, without judgement I hope to be able to find answers to my biggest questions.

Who do I really want to become and how can I best serve humanity? What does that look like in day to day life?

Personally, I have much journaling to do. Hopefully these quesions help you find some clarity as well.


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