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Friday, December 29, 2006

Questions About Birthing and Postpartum

My sister, the author, is currently writing an article for the purposes of helping pregnant women know what to expect. This will be full of all those things "I wish I would have known" that us vetrans learned from experience. As you answer, be as honest as you can. You can stay anonymous if you prefer. What would you have liked to know or been prepared for your first time? Was anything different in later deliveries? Let's help all our sisters out there avoid some of our often unpleasant suprises. Following are some sample questions. Please reply to Include your name and age if you are comfortable doing so.

*By writing to this e-mail address you are giving consent to the reciever to use your words, quotes and experiences for journalistic purposes which may include commercial gain on the part of the author.*

1. Did you have a problem with constipation after giving birth?
2. Were you able to feel well enough to know when your bladder was full or were you too numb?
3. Were you too sore to wipe when you went to the bathroom?
4. Were you able to shower on your own during the first few days or were you better off with someone there just in case you fell or fainted from weakness?
5. How did you feel about other people helping you with the housework and the baby?
6. How long did you feel weak after giving birth?
7. Did you experience feelings of ambivalence towards the baby during the first weeks? (My assertion is that this is normal given the fact that your body has been through a lot and that takes a toll on the mind as well.)
8. What arrangements were made so you could get some rest, sleep, and recover?
9. How long did it take for your vaginal opening to return to "normal," (assuming it did?)
10. How were you emotionally afer delivery? How long before you returned to prepregnancy emotional state?
11. What can you share about your breasts and your milk coming in?
12. Did you experience anything different with your hair? Growing slower/faster, thicker/thinner, drier/oily, etc.?

Think back over your experience. Review what was happening to your body, emotions, and mentally. What would those around you have observed about you? The more you can recall the more we can help others.

"He who travels the road best is he who makes the way easier for others to pass."


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