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Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Traditions

Recently, I have been listening to a local station that only plays Christmas music during December. In the evenings The Delilah Show plays, one of those call-in request and dedication shows nationally syndicated. She, too, is doing Christmas music the whole time so I find it festive. It makes me happy.

On her show she has been having people call in with their memories, traditions, and Christmas stories. For the longest time, I had no idea what I would call-in about if I decided to. Last night I realized my family did have traditions, a lot actually. Ours are just more Christmas Eve traditions.

Christmas Eve was always a big cleaning day in our family. "Santa comes to clean houses first," we were told. That evening was the "Family Party night." Insted of a sit down dinner it was a night we would have platters, meat & cheese, fruit, veggie, crackers, and treats. We would get dressed up and have a real party. At the end of the evening Dad would read Twas the Night Before Christmas as we sat in rapt attention. Then we would all get to open one present. Amazingly, it was almost always new pajamas. Occasionally it might be slippers. Then it was time for bed. We followed this routine every year. We'd look forward to it all season.

Now I am an adult with 4 kids of my own. I am thrilled to say this Christmas, as many past, we are going to my sister's house for platters of food, games and Dad's story. After the telling the little kids recieve their gifts from their grandparents then their one "special gift" last. I bet you'll never guess what it is. :-) Good for you! *clapping* Yes, it is pajamas! The littlest ones even get fresh diapers, and bottles when they were very young, in their boxes. We change them all into new flannel feetie jammies (which are getting hard to find for my oldest!)and hope they fall asleep on the drive home.... giving Santa time to come to our clean house first.


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