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Monday, November 27, 2006

Spirit of Christmas

I love this time of year. Always have. Today I discovered why I love it so much. Around Christmas people spontaneously open their hearts more. They don't need a book, a seminar or a camp. They simply choose to open up and live more from their heart for a season.

An energy of connectedness begins to form going from one person to the next. You smile at the person stuck in line with you, "Slow there? Here too." Someone offers to hold the door for you. Casual conversations strike up just about anywhere between complete strangers. People are looking to give, to show love and appreciation. Each person is striving to be a little bit nicer to everyone around them. People let their guard down a little bit more. They show a little more of their true nature and in doing so reveal more of their own beauty.

Yes, it is a beautiful time of year, but not because of the decorations. It is because of the people.


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