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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Heart Open

I wrote the following after returning home from The Elite Trainers Bootcamp Nov. 14:

So many lessons from this last week. Commitment, in the moment, no secrets, connection, love, service, open to the whole world, forgivness, faith in myself...

Overwhelmed and full barely begin to describe it. I could not articulate what was coursing through me. I told my business partner I was "blissed out." Never before has so much energy ben inside me. Colors appeared more vivid for weeks. Even now I feel after effects. There is a desire inside me to love and trust all being everywhere. So much of it sounds hokey or trivialized being put into words.

Have you ever seen a sunset so beautiful you knew of no color like it? Have you ever witnessed a feat of nature so spectacular it literally left you speechless? Have you felt so grateful to someone you wished they could just know and feel directly into your heart?

If you add all of that together and turn up the volume it is much of how I was feeling at the time.

Usually coming home from an event you know you have changed in subtle ways but you readjust quickly back into "real life." That sense of being "normal" has not yet returned. It won't either, because I am no longer normal. What a blessing that is. :)

I invite all who read this to join me in opening your heart a little wider. I discovered how the Grinch's heart could grow so much. UNlike a traditional room which fills to capacity, the more people you let inside, the more your heart simply expands to make room. It grows.


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