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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blogging is Like Sex

11.At first, you're just blogging once every week or two, but it's not long before you're doing it a couple of times a day.

10.A lot of kids fool around with blogs in high school but the serious blogging doesn't start until college.

9.People really only have one good entry at a time, but will often fake multiple entries because they think it makes their readers happy.

8.It hurts when you've blogged and the next day your readers pretend like it never happened.

7.You know better than to blog when you're drunk, but it's just more fun, even if you do it with topics you wouldn't have touched when you were sober.

6.The day after you've blogged drunk, you've got a lot of explaining to do to your regular readers.

5.Men blog like they've got an audience, but women like to keep it intimate.

4.You have to vary your technique once in a while, otherwise your readers will loose interest and you'll drift apart.

3.When you first start to blog, you don't ever have any long term readers but all you can ever think about is blogging. After a while, you do find some regular readers, but then blogging becomes a chore and you start to feel guilty if it's been a while.

2.Most people blog at night, in the privacy of their own homes, but there's always some jackass strutting around bragging that he prefers to blog in the office at lunch or at the local park.

1.Everyone knows that if he ever did in fact blog in his office or in the park, he was alone and just blogging into his palm.


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