Growing, Not Dying

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lessons on Orchard

A wonderful thing happened. I was not in a car accident. It is always wonderful when anyone is kept safe. This time it carried the added gem of validation.

In a hurry to get my younger son to school I decided to run into FredMeyer to grab him something to tide him over in place of a real lunch, like a protien bar and an apple. We weren't late yet, but it was going to be close so I was very focused on my goal as we sat waiting to make a left hand turn. There was my window, just 2 more cars.

*BAM* There was that sickening sound of metal crashing into metal.

I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the impact, 2 cars back. I knew instantly we would need officers. The drivers were getting out of their cars doing the, "Are you ok?" There didn't seem to be an injuries. I grabbed my cell and dialed 911. While I was on the phone with the operator, the driver immediately behind me grabbed a camera out of his car and began taking pictures. I thought that was really nice for a witness. Driver 2 got on his cell, calling his mom and driver 3 called to reschedule the physical therapy session she was going to. "What a world we live in today," I thought.

After we each hung up our phones we all went to look at the cars. Only then did I learn car 2 had actutally hit car 1 (the one immediatly behind me.) Apparently he had been looking down as he drove and looked up to see brake lights. He slammed on his brakes, sending smoke off the tires and car 3, having insufficent warning, smashed into him, sending him into car 1. Meanwhile, our van still had a couple feet buffer space behind us. As each person lamented how awful the past couple weeks of their life had been, I was busy being so grateful for the safety of the 5 small passangers I was carrying.

We all stood around waiting for the police to arrive. I started chatting with the young woman of car 3, a young CNA. She was telling me about her job. When she commented on having to wait around I piped, "At least it's a beautiful day out. It's not cold and rainy like yesterday."

She smiled, "Man, you are so positive. I'm going to die tommorrow, but at least it's a beautiful day out today!"

I beamed and stood a little taller. "Thank you!"

She shook her head ad I realized it wasn't exactly meant as a compliment. For a few moments I shrunk back feeling a little ashamed and apologetic. Then I caught myself and thought, "No. This is a good thing. I am glad to be so positve!"

Just then the officer pulled up. He was really friendly and asked each of us which vehicle we were in. He took my info and told me I was free to go and asked the other drivers to pull into Fred Meyer. It was an interesting 20 minutes. I appreciated the lessons, observations and valadation AND I was happy to be on my way.

Thank you!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Free Hugs Revisited

The best e-mail just came in my box. I have only seen a couple YouTube videos before today. This one is totally worth the time.

Let's all do what we can to make the world a little bit better today.

Update: I have now watched this video 4 times . . . and teared up every time.