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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Universe

How many people do you know? Are they alike? How many religions are here? How many theories about how the Universe works?

Over the years I have had the privledge of meeting all different kinds of people. Different cultures, personalities and religions. I now have friends from around the world and with many varied belief systems. Respecting each of these beautiful people is a priority. One way I do this is by referencing the higher power over us all simply as "The Universe."

Personally, I believe in a loving Godhead who created all things, including the universe and myself. They set in motion all things and continue to watch over, insuring the universe acts in accordance with the ultimate laws and utalizing those laws to assist mankind.

Whatever your personal beliefs, I respect that and honor all those who live in accordance with the values they claim as their own.


Blogger Jim McKeeth said...

My fear is that you will take this as a personal attack, but my hope is that you will see this is my opinion and I am simply sharing it with you.

I believe that by "watering down" your interactions with others by referring to your belief in God as "the universe" is disrespecting others. You are in essense saying "you can't handle my beliefs, so I will use a term to make you happy." Anytime we change who we really are, or at least how we present ourselves, to appease someone we disrespect that person. You are attempting to protect them by keeping things from them.

People come across as incongruent when they do not present their truth at all times. It looks like you are trying to hide something.

Of course the fact that you took the time in your blog to post your true beliefs is very honorable.

I for example am very opinionated (yet open minded), but I often refreain from sharing my opinions out of fear of offending others. When I do that I dishonor those around me.

Thu Sep 14, 05:24:00 PM MDT  
Blogger Dawn McKeeth said...

Thank you for your poit of view. It is very interesting. I am not offended. It is my perception I use terms to honor my friends, not protect them. Also, it helps broaden the concepts for me. I will consider your words, however. Thank you.

Thu Sep 14, 05:28:00 PM MDT  

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