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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nearing Mind Melds

Do you remember a time when you wondered what it would be like to be someone else? A member of the opposite sex? Someone famous? Someone you love?

We've all heard of people who can read other people's thoughts. What if much more than that were possible? What if you could really feel what it was like to be in their skin? What if you could access their memories- the smells, the emotions, the sensations?

If we are all one, connected in consciousness, wouldn't it seem logical this sharing would naturally become a possibility? What if the only thing stopping us from doing this naturally is a very thin veil, a simple belief; the belief we are seperate beings? What if the only thing keeping us from one another is that we agree to do so? What if we were to re-member how to connect?

Would you want to share? Could you be that brave, to be completely open? Could you accept another person without judgements on their experiences? Could you cease to judge and label your own past?

I can't help but wonder, could I? Would I? When?


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