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Monday, September 11, 2006

Best Birthday

Last week was my birthday. I share this only to relate how fantastic the Universe is.

How do you feel about your birthday? I LOVE my birthday. It is the best day all year. It isn't the gifts or cake. For one day I get to be the most important person in my little world. For one day everyone I touch gets to celebrate the wonderous gift of being alive. For one day I invite everyone to remember what a miracle it is just to be here, to be breathing, to experience everything this wonderous Earth has to offer, air, rain, seasons, beach, mountains, sunshine.... You are alive! What a trip!

This year I was in New York staffing Ultimate Leadership Camp, which is insanely powerful. (If you go, tell 'em I sent you.) Before I left home one of the intentions I set was to have the best birthday ever. Boy, did I! Everyone was so supportive. So much positive energy was sent my way. I was sung to multiple times, got a cake and enjoyed more hugs than I can count. One of the staff was retired Army. He lined up the other staffers and had them sing in cadance for me as well. After several cold rainy days the Universe answered my request and we had a bright sunny day. On top of all that I got to experience great lessons and tremendous growth as well as watch an amazing group of people grow and learn. It was amazing.

The Universe truely does wish to support you, to say 'yes' to your requests. Are you asking better questions?

To each of you, whenever it may fall, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. I'm very glad it was so wonderful for you.
You keep talking about The Universe, and how The Universe is
so great.
I believe it is the Creator, God, who is Great. That it is God, Heavenly Father, who wants to answer our prayers and requests.
Not some Cosmic power that is a Nebulous Mystery.
I have grown concerned by things I see here. I remember a time when you, too, gave those thanks to Heavenly Father and gave Him the credit (gratitude) for the blessings in your life. I hope that you haven't forgotten Him. For nothing would exist without Him, not the grand universe (which only has the power to operate under the laws of the universe, and is not a sentient Being who Knows all and can Grant or change anything of its own volition).
Forgive me if I'm assuming things here, I do not wish to do that.
I hope with all the good desires in me, that you are walking the path that will lead to eternal happiness. And that you feel Heavenly Father's love for you.
God bless you and your beautiful family.

Mon Sep 11, 02:31:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. (I would have rather e-mailed this to you privately, but I could not find any e-mail links. You are free to delete my comment it if offends you or you feel like this isn't the place for it. I comment out of sincere concern, and with love.)

Mon Sep 11, 02:39:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*smiles* Glad to hear your birthday was special!

Wed Sep 13, 11:52:00 PM MDT  
Anonymous Marcos said...

Woops. That last one was from me.

Wed Sep 13, 11:53:00 PM MDT  
Blogger Jim McKeeth said...

Happy Birthday!

Thu Sep 14, 05:34:00 PM MDT  

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