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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mind as ScriptWriter

The human mind loves to play the game "What if...."

What if I go broke?
What if he leaves me?
What if I lose my job?
and on and on......

Then it make up a great drama of what will happen.

Then I'll loose all my stuff. No one will ever love me again. I'll end up old, alone and living in some dump somewhere!

It plays out the scenarios several times a day.

Personally, I never thought I was very creative, until I started listening to all that chatter. Before the doors of the store open, there is a whole fresh drama playing as I walk from my car. What if I see someone I know? What if when they see me first? What would they think? What if I drop my keys as I'm shopping? Oh! What if I drop my keys and then someone else were to find them, but just by looking at the keys they recoginize the quote on the key ring so they turn them in and have me name! Then i would be left wondering who turned them in..and it might be like in the movies where you are following a character and you know how close they came to a brush with fate, but thy don't!

All of this took a matter of seconds. I hear the voice writing it's script. I can even "see" it playing out on the screen in my mind. Then as the drama builds I become conscious of what is happening in my head. *Deep Breath* What is right now? Tile. Apples. Woman. Cart. Here. Now. Then my mind can settle and become quiet.

First, is to be aware of the noise. Second is to breathe. Then become awarre of what is, right now, in this moment. By this, peace can be found.


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