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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Beautiful Question

OK, these question Memes can get addictive.

My Answer to this: Hope on my child's face, a new baby- seconds out of the womb, rainbows, death ending suffering, water, mountains, changing leaves, two strangers hugging in sincere admiration and love, Love and eternity in my husband's eyes, rich fresh earth bringing forth new growth, and some experiences too personal to share via this medium. think up a new question....

What do you believe is your primary reason for being alive here and now?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason I am here on this earth is to be the Voice4ThoseWithout1.
Animals, plants, and children.
As much as I would love to have my own children, I believe there is not room for human expansion, so I leave room for the ever changing environment of the animals and plants. Humans have destroyed enough of this land, and the homes' of animals. My plan in life is to protect and speak out for the individuals that get overlooked. I have seen trees more then a hundred years old, get torn down... it breaks my heart. Sarah Palin likes to attack wolves from above, like she were God... it shoves a spear thru my heart... animal population shouldn't be ruled by humans. Children are abused and yelled at before my very eyes... I wish I could take them and love them... some people weren't born to be Mothers... unfortunately, I was.

Thu Mar 05, 06:06:00 PM MST  

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