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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Absence of Power

There is an entirely different feel to the world when there is no electricity. It is as if the world slows down and peace washes in.
The storm knocked out the power last night in our neighborhood. Everything suddenly felt so still and quiet. There were no distractions, just peace. Since the kids were already asleep my husband and I took the opportunity to spend time reconnecting with each other. We just sat for awhile enjoying the space. Then we talked for awhile. All the “to-do” lists were simply forgotten for a time.

After a while I went and stood outside in the calm night. When Nature yells that loudly to get your attention it is wise to go enjoy the gift of stillness it brings afterwards. The entire street was still. No animals seemed to be wandering anywhere. A few windows glowed softly indicating the candles burning inside. A car came through. In the quiet I heard it’s approach from 2 blocks away. The stars were still hidden behind a blanket of clouds. Still, it did not seem very dark.

All in all it served as an excellant reminder to stop once in awhile and take time to just be. Why wait for the world to be forced “off?”


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