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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Inspiring Quote

"In order to pass the test, first you must take the test."

This is printed on my keychain. It is the only keychain I carry. It is a constant reminder that although fear my show it's head that is no reason to quit.

Unlike some people, I loved school. I wasn't at the very top of the class, but I did well. Most of the kids were really nice, teachers were cool for the most part, and I was good at school. I could test well and "behave" to please the adults...and it was the one place I felt myself.

As such, seing life as a classroom is a metaphor that works for me. (If seeing it as a dance, or an adventure, or a trip works better for you, by all means go with that.) Of course, if life is a classroom, there will be tests. If you don't take a test in school you get a score of 0. That is very hard to bring up when averaging scores. If you take a test, anything below a 60/100 is failing. However if you fail a test you learn where you are weak so you can study, you may be able to get a retake, and if nothing else, it is easier to average up.

In life we are often presented with many kinds of tests. Some are easy and we hardly realize it was a test. Others are so big that we build up tremendous amounts of fear around it, before the test actually arrives!

Read the following as if you wrote it.

If I try I might fail.

If I don't try, I did fail.

Most importantly, if I take the test I might pass.

Perhaps even with flying colors!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life isn't a test.

It is an envelope of chances.

You can take a chance, or you can be stubborn.

I have been thru a lot of changes. I wouldn't change anything.

I am glad I have seen animals for what they are... our equals.

We humans, should feel ashamed for displacing all the animals.

They are awesome. They deserve our respect. That is my inspiring quote. Believe all life is equal.
I believe in equality.

Thu Mar 05, 06:12:00 PM MST  

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