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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Time

Everyone talks about how busy everyone gets during the summer. I admit, I never really understood until this year. Take yesterday, my busiest day, for example.

Company 10-10:30
Swim at 11am-12:15 (everyone)
Lunch and Baby's nap
*Tennis 2:30-3 (child #3)
*bowling 4-5 (child #1)
baseball 7:30 (child #1)

*Michelle took #1 & #2, leaving me her #4 so I got to actually stay home and catch-up some laundry.

Fortunately, it will only be that crazy 2 days and I have a great friend to help me juggle it all.

Today we drove around looking at possible investment properties before swimming, not the kids favorite way to spend time. At least now the boys don't complain anymore. After playing Cashflow For Kids they understand why we do it, and that helps. So after swimming we came home for lunch and a shower. Shortly we will go run a couple errands then back home for naps.

T-Ball season ended last Tuesday. Baseball ends next week. In fact, unless I enroll them in additional activities all our sports end by next Saturday. (I think.)

Whew. That feels really good.

Then we can just be busy doing our grown up projects. :-)


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