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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No Pants and Flying

My dreams are becoming much more vivd, very "real" feeling. I have also had the pleasure of experiencing some firsts.

In my dream I was out running errands. I was in a hurry. At some point I realized I had no pants on, a long t-shirt, but no pants. I frequently have business to take care of at my son's school, as was the case in my dream. Figuring I only needed to run into the office I decided to go ahead, even with no pants. Everyone was suprised, but was totally attempting to play it cool as if everything was normal. I was just trying to get in and out quickly. I knew the other women were whispering around the corner, but no one wanted to brave coming to say something. Ruby, the school secretary came up with the great idea of taking her shirt off to come talk to me about something, hoping I would get the unspoken message. It felt so silly. Our mouths were making noise, but the real communication was all in our heads. As if i didn't know I had no pants and it was inappropriate. I was in a hurry! (Made sense in the dream.)

Another first I have gotten to experience was "flying." Well, it wasn't so much flying as floating, like astronauts in space. It was so real I could feel it in my body. I was aware of the viseral effects on my tissues. It was so cool! I was outside, next to a tall building, kind of floating and twisting in the air. It took a few seconds to realize what was going on. Once I realized it I took some time just to feel it, to just be there. Then it occured to me if I could figure out how to control which direction I was going in, I could go up...into the sky! So I pushed against the building to send myself higher....and hit my head on something invisable above me. There was something stopping me exactly even with the top of the building. At first I got really frustrated. What is the use of flying if you are stuck in corner? Then my brain asked, "How can I get around this?" As soon as I asked I knew what appeared to be this "glass ceiling" was really a ledge and if I could just out far enough away from the building I could go around the end of the ledge and actually use it from the other side. How to get down to that end? As I was working my way over I awoke.

There was another dream. I recall thinking it was a message, but all I can remember now was that there was 9 of something and it was really important I remembered that there were 9. Helpful, huh?


Anonymous Amy said...

I was married before I had a flying dream. Before that I couldn't figure out why people kept wishing they could fly. I couldn't figure out what the big deal was.

Then I had a flying dream and now I wish I could realy do it. Lol. My dream was VERY similar to yours, where it was more like hovering and pushing off things to really get up in the air. But I could fly if I wanted. I loved how natural and normal it felt, like I've always known how to do it and just forgot for a while.

Thu Jun 15, 12:07:00 AM MDT  

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