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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Modified Polyphasic Sleep Therapy & My Son

It has been almost a month now since my 8 yr old son started our modified sleep schedule. When we are consistant he is great. When we go awry it is garunteed there will be behavior issues. Exceptions to awake times and naps do not go over well. It's not that he minds missing them, it is that I mind the consequenses.

Last night we took the family swimming after dinner, right up to bedtime. The kids were all worn out. JJ had troubles going to sleep. He got a pair of scissors and cut ribbons off easter bunnies and the yarn off his quilt. I was not thrilled. When we are on schedule he is very helpful and controls his emotions much better.

For myself, I have found when I am on schedule, I awake feeling much more rested and happier. Oddly, missing my night awake time makes me feel more run down all the next day.

The awake time can be hard. Last night mine was short, maybe 10 minutes. I kept falling aslep every few sentences trying to read. I felt it this morning. It took longer to get going and my temper has been shorter today than on days I do get up at night.

My biggest challange with this schedule has been to make sure I get to bed early enough to actually wake up again, rather than just staying up so late it is now "awake time." I hope to develope better discipline in this begining next week. ( You may ask why I am waiting. I am leaving town for a few days knowing it will totally mess up my schedule.)

I will continue to blog about this.


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