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Monday, April 24, 2006

Joys of Spring

Hee hee. Spring is here! Have you too, like me, felt the awakening as so many others? The soil smeels so good. New flowers have burst forth to show their vibrant colors. "I've never seen that color," says my son as we walk by.

The trees are budding and showing fresh new leaves. Soon it will be time to start climbing their branches again. "Please, Mom."

"Soon, Sweetie. The tree has to finish waking up so it's branches will be full of strength to hold you without hurting the tree."

The birds are singing and flying around. The whole world seems to be calling to me, "Come out and PLAY! Play with me." My children and I run and dance in the grass. We touch the sky with our toes as the swings carry us higher and higher until we are flying. "Yipee! Yeah!"
The world awakes outside and it stirs my soul, calling me to be young again.

Will you join us? Come out and play.


Anonymous Marcos said...

Having been a big fan of the Seattle springtime with lots and lots of rain, I find it odd that for some reason, this year, I find myself really enjoying are warmer weather and the sunshine we have. I don't think its as much the weather as it is this particular year. Things are very different this year and I'm finding myself more open to nature.

In any event, I agree that it is a wonderful time. I really enjoy seeing everything blooming and such.

Wed Apr 26, 06:53:00 AM MDT  

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