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Friday, March 24, 2006

Wesley versus Wil Dancing Barefoot

So far today I have accomplished almost nothing. I started cleaning the TV room, clearing off the bookshelves, setting aside the books I planned to get rid of. Jim had brought me Dancing Barefoot by Wil Wheaton quite a while ago. He knew I was a fan of Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. (In case you don't make the connection, Wil Wheaton played the quite teen-age heart throb Wesley Crusher.) After a few pages I didn't think it was for me and threw it on the shelf.

Today I picked it up to put it in the "get rid of" pile. For some reason I flipped it open to the middlish and started scanning. I found myself reading "a bit more," then pulled in. Good thing it's short. I was able to finish before the children started stampeding for food. In fact, I read the whole book. It was good. Wil really exposes himself in his writing, (emotionally, not the other way. Naughty.) Why had I not wanted to read it before?

When I was somewhere around 4 or 6 my sister and I got lost somewhere. We ended up in the office waiting for our mother to come get us. Have you ever been so scared you wanted to cry but knew you had to be brave? The door opened but rather than Mom, in walked someone dressed in one of those giant cartoon character costumes. I don't recall the character, just the feeling of relief and comfort . . . for about half a second. Then the person in the costume took the head off. My eyes probably got as big as saucers. Someone pointed out my sister and I. The costumed character apologized and rushed through another door. Too late. My magic bubble of imagination had been popped. Now I was lost, scared, and heartbroken.

I came to realize I didn't want to read the book before, or visit his wildly acclaimed blog (which is currently on a temp site,) because I wasn't ready to have this bubble popped. Wesley, my first real tv crush. (Wesley was the only reason I started watching Star Trek in the first place! He was "so-o-o cute!") Reading Wil's book was quite the journey. I was tenative, but curious. Then I was angry at him. Then I went through the Las Vegas Experience with him. I teared up and my heart was touched. Then I respected him.

Wil has grown up a lot as a person. I am grateful he shared the story with us.

***In response to the comment by LemmingLord, yes, I liked New Kids in Jr. High. I wasn't "crushing" on them, although Joey was cute. They had good music. My discovery of Wil came in college, when I was 17.


Blogger LemmingLord said...

Our mutual friend Merie had a crush on that boy Wil too.. I remember she had a poster of him inside her closet. You weren't also a New Kids on the Block fan were you?

Thu Mar 30, 01:01:00 PM MST  

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