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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Intense Action Adventure Dream

**Title changed due to insistant suggestion of oldest son.**

You know those dreams that are so real you feel every bit of it? You have a hard time "waking up" becuase you just know you already are awake? Everything makes perfect sense while you are there but then, "in the light of day," sounds crazy? Yet it sticks with you, clinging. That is how I experienced the following dream. I blog so I won't forget.

I was at a hotel, some kind of convention I think. I was holding my youngest daugher, now 19 months old. We got on the elevator to go downstairs. The buttons were all messed up though, out of order, and I couldn't find a "B" for the basement. Suddenly, the elevator starts moving really fast. We go up to the 20-something floor, fast! Then begin falling, fast. I am scared, holding my daughter tightly to my chest. It stopped the doors open a few inches, I yell for help to a confused group of people. They close and the wild ride continues. I pull out my cell phone and call my husband asking for help. Suddenly the elvator changes. It is see-through, spherical and has a metal framework. Not sure what is happening now, I grab on one of the bars, standing up and hold my daughter closer, wrapping her into me as much as possible. We begin spinning, like one of those "Space Ring" rides at the carnival, turning head over heels in every direction.

When we stop there are people helping us out...rescue. So much confusion. My head is spinning. What is going on? My instincts tell me something is very wrong with all this. Kind sounding women offer to take the baby for me. I pull her closer as she snuggles her head on my shoulder. Not a chance.

As I am walking up some stairs and down halls with these people, listening to them talk, somehow I sense Jim, my husband, is close. I hear him and know where he is though no one else seems aware of him. He affirms something is not right here. All these people talking confusion. They want my daughter, want to take her. Jim feels anxious now. They want our baby girl. They are trying to convice me to let her go "for some tests, to make sure she is alright." Over my dead body I'm gonna let her go. Jim's voice so clear and insistant. "Remember the mosaic I showed you? Remember?"

A flash of a memory. Jim was showing me a website, a mosaic picute or himself. There was something different about the way he showed me this versus all the other websites he showed me. He was telling me about how it was safe from those who might want to track it. I had not been particularly interested at the time. I barely nod. Sometime in here I realize Jim is trained for all this somehow...and I never knew. I am okay with it.

Chaos. A moment before, while Jim was speaking to me, those around me had been engage in conversation with their backs to me for only a brief second. Now, as one turns to look at me it is discovered my daugher is gone, no longer in my arms. This is when I notice it for the first time. For half a second my whole being is filled with dread and panic. I look around frantically. Then I know. There is only one person I would trust so completely that this girl could switch arms without my realizing it, because with her father it is as if she is still with me. Jim took her and has fled. What had he said about the mosaic? Was it a clue? Did he anticipate this may happen someday? Am I to find them now? Would this be enough?

Without my daughter in my arms all pretenses are dropped. Had they got the girl I would have been released, confused but unharmed. Now they are angry. My daughter was to be used in some evil experiment to save some other evil woman. The details are sketchy as I am only half paying attention. Something about her blood and DNA encoding. My mind is busy recalling the mosaic and thanking Jim, thanking him for taking our daugher. Since I know he trusts me to escape and find him, I have no doubt I can do it. Meanwhile he will protect our daughter and figure out what is going on and how to thwart it.

As all this is going through my mind everyone around me is pushing and hearding me down and out into the street. We are packed into some kind of vehicle, open in the front, like a big rickshaw. I am in the middle to be held prisoner. At some point my hands were tied together. Although I am suppose to be guarded, and in truth am extremely wedged between their bodies, no one is really paying particular attention to me. They are all caught up in either anger or fear of those who are angry. Their eyes are darting around looking for Jim and the baby. Somehow I know this will be the easiest time to escape, by throwing myself out and making a run for it. My mind is formulating this plan, how to jump and which direction to run. There is an odd sound. Someone calling for my attention. It is interupting my concentration. I look around the crowd to see who is calling me....

"Mommy! Wake up! Can we have some breakfast now?"

For what seems like several seconds I straddle both realities trying to reconcile them. It makes no sense they won't merge. What is going on? Slowly, I am dragged back into this world. Jim has gotten up and gotten the kids breakfast. He is now in the shower. Several minutes have passed, not seconds. I begin my day, still haunted by this dream. Even as I write this, I wonder how the tale has unfolded. I know somehow Jim and I end up together having victory over the bad guys, safe with our daugher. But knowing it has a happy ending rarely keeps us from wanting to watch the movie, or live the adventure.


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