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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good Reason

I was visiting with my 3 yr old the other day.

"Mem, do you know Mommy loves you?"

"Yup," as she adjusts Barbie's wedding gown.

"Memmy, God loves you too, a whole bunch."

"Yeah, I love him. He's my fa-a-avrite Heavnly Fawder."

"He's your favorite?"

"Yeah, and he's pink 'cause pink's my favrite."

Ok. "He's pink? You mean his skin looks like yours?"

"No-o-o, silly Momma," she giggles. "I'm not pink. I'm this color," as she points to her arm. "He's PINK," she repeats louder as if I didn't hear her clearly. OK. I get it now. This isn't some deep theological discussion on the nature of God. She loves pink. She loves God. Therefore, He must be pink. Makes sense to me.


Anonymous Amy said...

That is one of the cutest things I've ever heard! Thanks for sharing that! Gotta love those 3 year olds. Mine will often tell us "I love you TOO MUCH!" :-)

Wed Mar 15, 06:23:00 PM MST  

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