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Monday, February 13, 2006

One Word

In my quest to "know myself" a friend suggested an activity to find out how others see me. I sent an e-mail to several people including some family, friends and business assosiates asking for one word they would use to describe me. I was suprised how quickly people answered. No two people gave the same answer. I was touched. I am still trying to integrate it all. The difficulty arises because my negative conditioning wants to dismiss everything good it hears.

Hear is some of what I recieved:

There were more.

It was all so...amazing. It is still hard to accept it is me they are talking about. It is easy to say, "They don't really know me," but some of these people have seen me at my deepest and rawest so they really know me better than those in my everyday life.

Logic then dictates that perhaps it is myself who doesn't know me. This could be why I struggle so to live in my "higher self" more often. Perhaps I have been living that false mask so long, even I have forgotten the truth that lies beneath it.

It begs the question,
do you know who you truely are?


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