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Thursday, February 23, 2006

(Not So) Hidden Truths

So many of us are going through life looking for meaning, hidden truths, buried wisdom, the secrets to the Universe. I myself spend many hours pondering these things. More and more I am suprised to find the things I seek have always been in the open, many as close as children's stories and movies.

At first this may sound crazy but let me site a couple examples. One of my favorite movies is Mulan by Disney. I really liked it because Mulan offers a strong female role model with a great moral code. However, there is a message from the Universe here too. Mulan follows her heart out of love and devotion. She acts against the norm using great intuition many times. Ultimately she saves China. All this happens for one reason, she was simlpy being herself. She did what seemed natural to her. She was not trying to please anyone. In fact she knew she stood in danger of displeasing everyone, but continued to be true to her own inner compass. When the Emperor himself honors her, she is not proud of herself. In fact she is almost casual about it because it simply "is." Because Mulan showed up entirely for who she was she ended up making friends, saving lives, saving China and bringing honor to her family. How often do we not say something, or do something because we feal what other will think? I know I often am not 100% present. There are actually many more messages in this movie, but let's move on.

Another popular movie in our house is The Iron Giant. A young boy finds a giant robot who has crash landed on Earh and lost his memory. The boy befriends the robot, but later finds out it is actually a war machine full of missels and guns, programmed to destroy in self-defense. Of course the military comes and attacks the robot and it retaliates and a nuclear missel gets fired on a small town. The boy shows great courage, love and faith when he teaches us "if you expect the best of others and leave them a choice, they will often give it to you." With the robot having a gun pointed at the boy, the boy tells the robot he doesn't have to be a gun, it is his choice. The robot overcomes his programming and ultimately sacrifices himself to intercept the nuke. ("Superman" It is a good scene.)

It makes me wonder how many messages the Universe is sending us everyday in plain site that we dismiss as too simple or not meant for us.


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