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Monday, February 20, 2006


I want to be be physically if vomiting would somehow eject from my being the vileness of these images. I longed to cry. Perhaps shedding my tears will somehow be sent over space and time to help those who suffered. My stomach cramps and my body aches...and it does no one any good.

I first read Night by Elie Wiesel in junior high over 15 years ago. It had a profound life altering effect on me. I had already read The Diary of Anne Frank, but it had not moved me in this way. This book opened my eyes. For the first time I believed what man was cabable of inflicting on one another. For the first time I was not indestructable. My world was no longer "safe." I could see how easily my family would have been caught in the same situation.

The strong imagery, the poinent scenes, it serves to wrench the heart. My son asked what my book was about. "It is about a time in history known as the Holocust when one man decided to rid the world of a kind of people he did not like and the world let him until millions had died. Men, women, children, even babies. We study and read about it to remember, to keep anything like this from happening again."

In my heart I pray, "Please, Father, nothing like this ever again, not to any people. "


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