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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Dreams

Here are two dreams I have recently had that felt important, like they had a message for me.

Several days ago: I am walking next to a street when I see coins laying on the edge of the street, not far from the sidewalk, maybe 12-18 inches. Everyone is just rushing by, both on the sidewalk and the street. I want to go after the money, but I am afraid of the cars rushing past. After a few minutes pause I decide to go for it and step out. As soon as I start picking up the coins people rush in from every side. They start gathering the coins. My thoughts are simply, “Well, they were just lying there so I guess they are for anybody.” Then most of the people start dumping the coins hey collected in my hands, happy to have helped. Somehow those coins multiplied. My pockets are soon full and there is still more.

Last night: There is a river. For some reason I decide to go in the river. A first I think I am going against the current, but soon realize it is actually carrying me. It occurs to me this river is in unfamiliar country, should I worry about crocs or . . . worse? I look over and to my horror I see a giant snake on the edge of the river! I have a great fear of snakes, the bigger the greater the fear, even fake ones! My heart freezes for a second or two until I realize it is dead. Still, it has left me unsettled. The river splits and the current turns me going uphill. It is exciting and the country is beautiful. There are houses that are very decrepit. There is an open field that I just know is exactly the place for a new …something (some large building project)… that someone wanted to build. The new building may bring life and prosperity back to these houses. Then I think of the snakes again and look back in the river. AH! My heart is in my throat. There are several on either bank. I float pass them one at a time. They are all dead. Somehow, I know they will all be dead. There is no real danger, but I am still on edge. Still, the river carries me on.


Blogger LemmingLord said...

Let's see... dream interpretation online. Coins: Distracted by lesser concerns; Snakes: killing them means victory over enemies; rivers: Emptying. Thinking is time to get rid of some feelings.'ve got lots of little concerns that are distracting you or that you are seeking to distract you from bigger issues; the memory of vanquished foes (perhaps people or perhaps innner conflict) continue to haunt you and you seek to empty yourself of that which haunts you.

Or not..

Thu Feb 16, 12:54:00 PM MST  

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