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Monday, February 27, 2006

Ireland Trip Revisited

Earlier I posted a short write-up on my trip to Ireland. I had mentioned an ice cream shop my sister and I had wanted to visit, Murphy's Ice Cream Shop, in Dingle. Turned out it was closed for the season. Well just the other day I was suprised and thrilled to recieve a comment from someone at the shop. How sweet is that?

"I am glad you enjoyed your trip. Sorry we were closed, but we do take a break in Dingle over the winter. Our Killarney shop was open, though, for future reference..." KFM

We were right there. Had I known there was a second shop we would have stopped for it. My guide book spoke very favorably of the ice cream, even commenting the author would consider moving to Dingle just to eat there.

So, should you find yourself in Ireland, make it a point to stop into one of the Murphy's Ice Cream Shops and try some for me. I'm partial to chocolate with stuff in it, but fruity is good too. Let me know how it was.

Until you actually get there, you can enjoy Kieran Murphy's blog here.


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