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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Alone for Valentine's

Valentine's Day is a wonderful example of how everything is a personal perception, your choice on how to see reality. The fact is thousands of people are 'alone' today. Many will be miserable all day, some openly, some secretly tortured inside. Many will be glad they are alone, free of some 'baggage.' Many are alone and perfectly happy being that way. They know they are where they are meant to be at this point in their life. There are those who will recieve some sort of secret suprise today, learning that someone thought of them, cared for them expecting nothing in return. Then there are those who will wish they were alone before the day is over instead of settling for a date with someone out of obligation or desperation.

There are those who are 'with' someone. Many of these will start out today hopeful then end it feeling hurt, angry, rejected, or some other pain becase their expectations and dreams were not met. Some will be in pain the whole day because they feel trapped in a relationship they no longer want to be in, but lack the "way out." Of course there are those who will pretend to be happy all day because that is what is expected of them.

Then there will be those who are truely blessed because they are with someone by choice, consciously choosing to nurture and grow their relationship. They have found a higher way.

In truth it is just a day like every other day. It is Tuesday. That's all. However, with all the societal pressures built into the expectations of the day the heat is turned up. When the heat is turned up we find the opportuity to explore what we are truely made of, how we see things, what our beliefs are.

Personally, I'd like Jim to be here, but I'm ok he's not. I'd like some sort of affirmation I was thought of, but expect none. I know I am loved by many people, and that is the best gift of all.

Added Note: Jim suprised me by sending flowers and chocolates. I cried. I really had not expected anything. I was so touched he had thought so much of me to take the effort to do this. Thank you, Honey.

Also, this is my 150th post. Wow. Yeah for me. Think I'll celebrate with a chocolate. :)


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