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Monday, January 09, 2006

Overcoming "What's Wrong With Me?"

Like many people who deal with depression I have a recording in my head that plays the phrase"What's wrong with me?!?!" as often as I will listen, and often when I am not. It gets really old.

New Year's is a traditional time to "start fresh." I didn't want to post any resolutions until I was actually doing them for awhile first. For two of my New Year's Resolutions (which I believe can be made anytime) I decided to do something different. I resolved to think of me less. Everyday I now make an effort to ensure I have taken focused time to hold Sarah (17 mos), playing with her one-on-on. During her nap time I spend time doing something with TJ (5) and Emily (2) that they enjoy. We have colored, sang, built play-dough, painted, cooked, played games, and other activities. No TV during this time. Last Saturday I took the 3 of them for a walk to the park. I wasn't in a hurry. It was their walk. We went at their pace. It was nice.

What does one have to do with the other? Well, I don't know if any part of me is getting "better" or more "normal," but that annoying voice in my head definately gets a whole lot quietter when I am consentrating on making someone else happy. I remember being taught when I was younger the cure for a broken heart is service to others. Maybe it is. Maybe, just maybe, it can be the cure to a "broken mind" as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

serving others, thinking of others is the way to find an increase of happiness, but also something deeper- Because in bringing good things to others we find out who we are and we become who we are intended to become.

You aren't broken, though.

Thu Jan 12, 03:08:00 PM MST  

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