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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Evaluating Racial Discriminations

Jim and I just watched "Crash." Normally we don't watch rated 'R' material. We choose to watch this time based on a recommendation and with the understanding the rating was for content addressing subject matter.

I actually don't think I had heard of "Crash" before today. It explores the topic of racial discrimination from many different angles and viewpoints by watching the lives of several differnt people in L.A. as they cross paths and touch each other. For many people it is profoundly powerful. It definately makes you stop and think...and examine yourself.

For me, it was eye opening and hurtful. I am a white female who grew up in a very white world. Race was never really addressed. I met and interacted with some people from other races, but it was never like, "This is Daniel, the black girl." In all honesty, it didn't occur to me she was black for several months. Judging someone by skin tone just never occurred to me. Now I am not so stupid or so high-and-mighty as to assume I didn't ever do it, just I was not consciously aware of it. I learned about prejudices in school, but didn't believe they still were alive today. I mean society has evolved past that, right? That's why we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, isn't it?

In recent years I have traveled out of my little world. I have met more people, most wonderful loving embracing people. I have also been introduced to those wounded and hurt from the hate and preconcieved notions of others. I learned that whites can be on the recieving end. But still, watching the movie, seeing it played out in people's hurt my heart. I ached for the world, for our country, and for the people who live these stories everyday. I felt anger that the world is this way, that it is so WRONG! Discrimination just shouldn't exist. It's not always hate. Often it is fear. What might they do to us? Hurt us? Cheat us? We just don't know. We fear the unknown.

Of course, then I must examine my own life, my own actions. What do I do to perpetuate the problem? What beliefs have I allowed to permiate me? It is not a fun place to go to. No matter how wonderful you think you are, you discover you have "stuff." For some reason I think the majority of hispanics are blue collar workers while most executives are white. I believe it is hard for a black woman to advance in a highly professional career. I feel asians have a harder time learning english than other immigrants. I have no idea if any of this is true, it is just some ideas I found in my head. I can't tell just by looking at someone what part of the world their heritage is and I don't want to learn because I fear that I may form judgements based on race. These are some of the things I found. Do they make me racist? I hope not. Until now, they simply made a part of me.

The power in seeing the truth is the ability to choose what you are going to do about it.

For me, I choose to continue on my path to learn to love.


Blogger starbender said...

Discrimination has existed since man has existed!
Can't we all just get along?

Wed Dec 28, 01:23:00 AM MST  

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