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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

English Can be So Confusing

I was working on laundry and asked my 5 yr old son to go get the whites and lights out of his room for me. My 2 yr old daughter overheard me and said, "Me too!" I told her I already got the dirty laundry out of her room but she ran off anyway. TJ brought me his laundry. Moments later Mem came running back in calling out, "Here Mom! I brought you my light!" She then handed me her nightlight. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Peak Potentials - Insider View

I was forwarded a blog about Peak Potentials, a very biased blog. (Aren't we all though?) The blogger wouldn't even take credit for his/her writings by putting their name to it.

In response to the poster's comments on how hard it is to find info on Peaks I respond...yes it is and I am glad! Had I known what to expect I never would have gone to the first course, Millionaire Mind Intensive. I would told myself, "That's not for me." I wonder how many others will now experience this negative self-talk because someone decided he knew what was best for everyone else.

After my first MMI, I attended Enlightened Warrior Camp. I decided to trust I was there for a reason and gave myself over totally to the experience. Not even the birth of my children changed me more. Before camp I suffered from a very deep depression. Anti-social doesn't even begin to cover it. I came home an entirely different person. Alive. I was able to love my children more fully, serve others, and be there for my husband more. Not every day was a picnic, but at least I was living my life. I know it saved the marriage of friends I made there, saved the life of at least 2 others, and transformed several I have kept in touch with.

I asked my husband to go as well. He was so impressed with my growth we returned to do MMI the following spring. We attended Elightened Warrior Camp together that fall. It kicked. We learned so much about our marriage and each other. We made life-long friends. I think part of the reason it is hard to find web posting by grads is becasue they are too busy living! Several of our friends have gone on to start businesses, invest in real estate, pass millionaire status, find their perfect mate and begin their families.

Both my husband and I have continued in other programs. We grow each time. I have done Wealth & Wisdom, Life Directions, Train the Trainer I, Guerrilla Business School, Wizard Training Camp, and Master of Influence. I would reccommend all of these programs. They each have different pieces. Which one may hold the key to your success?

Both my husband and I have also volunteered. Very few things in life have made me feel more fulfilled than the gift of volunteering. I admit, before I volunteered I thoguht it was kind of cheap for a profit company to have volunteers. After attending a few courses I wanted to give back, so I volunteered. Oh my goodness. There is no way to describe how much love is channeled through you to those participants. Watching them change and grow as they learn. It is beyond words. I don't think the courses would be the same if all the staff was paid. Being a volunteer you have a totally different take on things. You run because you want to, not cause someone tells you to for money. You give of yourself from love and service, for no other reason. It is amazingly rewarding. I know both my husband and I look forward to being able to volunteer again. We thank Peaks and the participants for allowing us to serve.

To the "other blogger" I say, I respect that what you have said is truth to you.

My truth is a deep love and devotion to Peak Potentials. I am grateful everyday for the experiences I have been gifted with. I thank God for the friends I have made and the love weaved into my being. I am grateful for the expansion of my heart and the light of knowledge to my mind. Nothing could make me turn on those people I have met and grown with in this journey.

The Peaks staff are all growing right along with the company. I have been privledged to witness the persoanl growth of many of the field staff and some of the office staff. It is always an honor. Thank you.

No, Peaks isn't for everyone, but if you are at all moved to share this journey, please, follow your heart. You can begin with a teleclass, or seeing if there is an evening class near you.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Why Good Guys Loose Girls to the Bad Boys

I think I finally caught a glimpse of part of a grand puzzle. As I sat chatting with a friend something came out in such a way I had never consciously voiced before. We were discussing why it is that it seems the best girls gravitate towards the "bad boys."

This just came out. "Every girl I have always known wanted nothing but a nice guy. Unfortunatly they all think every guy only wants one thing...maybe that is why girls gravitate towards bad boys, at least their intentions are obvious and you don't have to worry about getting all tangled up and in love just to find out in your most vunerable moment that "he" is really just a creep who was hussling you all along just to try and get you in the sack."

Deep down every girl wants the knight in shining armour who will make her feel like a princess. Why do you think romances are such hits? Why do girls sigh and rating shoot up when the nice guy finally gets the girl and they kiss for the first time?

We are simply trained to believe nice guys are so rare they are impossible to find, like finding a 5 carat diamond just lying on the ground waiting for you to pick it up. It just doesn't happen. And if you do find one, he's taken. Thus the only alternative is to believe all available guys are jerks. If you are going to be with a creep, why not one where at least you know where you stand and you can endulge the fantasy your love can change him rather than one that you have to wonder about his agenda?

The cure currently eludes me, but this much strikes me as very accurate.

Persuasion Versus Manipulation

Last week I heard something I liked. The difference between persuasion and manipulation was given as follows: Persuasion is inviting the other person to see things your way for the mutual benefit of both parties. Both people should walk away feeling like they got a win. Manipulation is using the other person to get what you want, regardless of their feelings or their best interests.

I will no longer allow myself to be manipulated or knowingly manipulate others.