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Monday, October 10, 2005

The True Hero in You

Deep within lies the desire to be "more." We each secretly hope there is more to life than what we have become, some greater calling. If only someone would believe in us, give us a chance or a reason we would miraculously become this amazing being. So many of us go through life looking for that "someone" who will awaken this better person, a parent, a coach, a lover, a child. We hope, we pray, sometimes we practically beg for the someone to "just give me a chance."

I think I finally figured out who it is in life that can be the one to bring out this greater person. Do you want to know who? Who is the mysterious person in your life that can awaken your inner hero?

Come close. I will tell you. *whispering* It is you.

Within each of us there is a voice crying out, "Believe in me! Please!" This one many of us hear very well. We simply thought it was begging someone, anyone, out there in the big world. In reality, it is a cry from within your own heart, to yourself.

To find the greater hero in yourself....simply listen and be true to that voice in your heart.


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